Wednesday, September 12, 2018

California MassResistance Protest LGBT Agenda at Anaheim Elementary School District

At the Anaheim Elementary School Board meeting tonight (September 12, 2018), I learned how pervasive the perverse LGBT Agenda has become in the district.

Children have every right to be ... children. It is unthinkable to me that the schools would start pushing this immoral trash on these kids.

What's worse, school rules and regulations have allowed the schools to cut out the parents. They don't get to know what their children talk about with the parents, with the psychologists, or with other professionals.

Under the guise of mental health, psychological interns are teaching kids that they can be gay, they can change their sex, and they can engaged in sexual acts without harm.

This is ridiculous, and it would be funny if it weren't so tragically true that it's happening in our local schools.

At Orange Grove Elementary School in Anaheim, the school board held the next meeting.

On the campus, this is what I saw right away:

Already, they have normalized "transgender bathrooms", even though at this time they justify this phase-out because they are single-stall facilities.

I arrived to make a mark for MassResistance:

The desks and the dais were already established for the school board members and the main administrators for the meeting:

California MassResistance is here!

Check out this powerful phalanx of parents from the Anaheim area:

 They spoke out bravely against the corrupt, abusive, and evil LGBT Agenda.

Check out the book which educational professionals are receiving in order to "queer" education:

 Guess who's paying for this travesty? You and me.

This parent is not afraid to stand for truth in the school board meeting!

Here's the newly elected members of the district PTA.

Will they listen to the rest of the parents in the district and stand for truth?

The Anaheim Elementary School District is implementing a program called "The Kindness Initiative".

The program stems from the sudden death of a young girl, a student in the district, ten years ago.

Notice the key buzzwords about inclusion and acceptance, but with no basis in clear moral truth or design.

The moral theme of the year is "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

Sure ...

But that cannot include promoting abusive, destructive behaviors based on lies.

There is no excuse for such a shameful, deceptive agenda.

Here's the long list of restrictions or conditions relating to public comment:

When announcing the public comment section, the presiding officer announced that she had a right to silence or limit "hate speech or offensive" speech during the period.

I couldn't believe this! She was probably hoping to silence me and others over our justified criticism of the LGBT programs in the schools.

We refused to be deterred by such abusive nonsense, though, and we plainly spoke our minds against the whole program, including so-called "Safe Zones" and "inclusive schools".

Final Reflection

Here's the entire YouTube Live video which I recorded of the meeting.

You will find my comments toward the 30 minute mark, along with the comments from the other members of California MassResistance:

Here's a brief clip with all the parents who showed up to protest the LGBT Agenda in the Anaheim schools:

Other videos will be forthcoming.

Please contact me if you want to get involved!


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