Friday, September 7, 2018

Excellent Commentary from Tucker Carlson, Calling out Gutless Insider

How bad has it gotten in Washington?

So bad, that long-standing politicians and civil servants (of that term can still be used without oxymoronic irony) are not used to the notion of an elected official,  a President, who is governing as he promised.

Nor are they used to an elected official who behaves the same way publicly and privately.

This really shocks people.

The New York Times further sacrificed its editorial and news-worthy integrity by publishing this anonymous op-ed. Even local daily newspapers require individuals to write their legal name and provide contact information so that the editors can verify that the person is real.

The New York Times is not part of the Resistance, they are part of the Empire, the corrupt, fascist regime which has been perpetuating lies against the readers, the citizenry, to push a corrupted, left-wing agenda.

Thank God for Trump!

As for the gutless insider, one has a feeling that this anonymous source could be John Kelly, perhaps Reince Prebius.

For my part, this interest in deep state corrupt and coercion has gotten very boring and unappealing. Who cares? The fact is that the corporate phalanx  of Big Media, Big Academia, and Big Government are losing their grip on power, and there is nothing they can do about it.

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