Saturday, August 4, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome on Full Display at Trump Star, Hollywood

The Trump Star was attacked (again) about two weeks ago.

The star has not been replaced, despite the best efforts of the city and anyone else involved who cares about doing what is right.

Today, I visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Anthony Garcia, a friend and fellow Trump supporter from Texas. His family are all Trump supporters, too.

The scene along Hollywood and Highland is much more peaceful than in the past, most likely because the damage and destruction wrought against the star is starting to turn off visitors, tourism, and the economy. Many people who visit the North Hollywood area are actually Trump supporters. Foreign visitors support the President and want a picture of the Trump Star.

Now they have to settle for a space fenced off with standing rail guards and a board to cover the large whole where the Trump star rested.

At least there was someone there to stand for the President and take photos with anyone who was interested. I was happy to join Mr. "Trump", and so were many others passing by.

Check out my friend Anthony and his brother Kevin, too:

President Trump had a stand-by who invited anyone passing by take a photo with him:

The larger police presence was immediatley noticeable, too. The Los Angeles Police Department is cracking down on abuses of all kinds. 

This lady was sitting along the street disrupting the flow of foot traffic through the area:

Notice the police officers standing by and walking through the area. They make sure that no one starts anything. The area around the Hollywood Walk of Fame was getting violent and tumultuous. The last altercation over the weekend led to the arrest of a son who was protecting his father, yet his father was provoking fights with Trump supporters at the star.

Perhaps now more people can enjoy celebrating our President and standing around the star.

And what's resting there in place of the star at this time?

Aside from the guard rails protecting the square where the star is located, a border and for traffic cones are in the section.

The writings on the boards, however, show that Trump Derangement Syndrome has only metastasized.

Look at the hate scrawled on the plywood boards covering the hole:

This one says "Hang Trump"

Look at the other vulgarities on the board, too:

This threat is particularly disturbing:

"Lynch Trump"? Really?

The liberals, the progressive left, the Democratic Party are the truly racist, violent, and despicable people in this country right now.

What is the matter with these people? The President has overseen more liberty, the expansion of jobs, economic growth, and opportunity. He has helped ensure greater peace across the world without putting American troops in greater harm's way.

The country is enjoying unprecedented energy dependence.

The regulatory rollback has allowed businesses to open and expand. The unemployment rate for black and Hispanic Americans is at its lowest on record.

And yet, the regressive Left attacks the President with such savage hatred:

 These calls for Trump's death are criminal actions which should be taken seriously.

They are calls for violence, and they cannot be tolerated.

In the mean time, patriots like Anthony and me will continue to celebrate our President and support him in every way possible.


  1. DISGRACEFUL!! What's worse is three DEMONrats had ever created this mess and there own puppets have degraded them with violence, racism, hatred, hate for America!!!

  2. What's worse is the DEMONrats puppets have back fired on them and have represented them disgracefully with hate, division, violence and displayed an Anti Americanfucked up attitude towards this great5 nation God has blessed us with!! Their hate is because Americans want LAW AND ORDER, ENFORCED immigration laws, ELIMINATE the UNCONSTITUTIONAL DACA & S.B 54, S.B 174. WHAT WERE SEEING IS A FAILURE TO COMPREHEND THE DIFFERENCE OF LAW AND ORDER VS CORRUPTION!!