Friday, August 31, 2018

MassResistance VICTORY! California LGBT Assemblyman Pulls Disastrous Reparative Therapy Ban!

BREAKING! California LGBT Assemblyman Pulls 
Disastrous Reparative Therapy Ban!

Concentrated Efforts of MassResistance Activists 
Achieved the Impossible

Torrance, CA--

In a stunning upset, California State Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Cupertino) announced that he was pulling his bill AB 2943.

The best policy is not made in a vacuum and in order to advance the strongest piece of legislation, the bill requires additional time to allow for an inclusive process not hampered by legislative deadlines. With a hopeful eye toward the future, I share with you that, despite the support the bill received in the Assembly and Senate, I will not be sending AB 2943 to the Governor this year. I am committed to continuing to work towards creating a policy that best protects and celebrates the identities of LGBT Californians and a model for the nation to look towards.

Celebrating this unprecedented pro-family achievement for MassResistance, Arthur Schaper, Organization Director and State Chapter Director, shared:

“Many sources said that this could not be done. Most pro-family groups had conceded that this legislation would pass. MassResistance activists remained undeterred. We visited lawmakers’ offices. We had constituents all over the state make phone calls on a frequent basis to their assemblymembers’ offices. We also contacted churches and urged them to start calling their assemblymembers. We provided them resources to contact their legislators and stop this terrible bill.”

MassResistance President Brian Camenker declared: “This could not have happened without Arthur’s lead and support. While most pro-family groups just issue letters and make statements, Arthur organized people across the state to call, email, and visit their state assemblymembers. He coordinated and communicated quite effectively with a number of staffers in Sacramento, too, who gave him further information on how to make the greatest impact to stop this bill. Even constituents in Evan Low’s district contacted him for help and started calling their local churches to stop this bill. This was an incredible effort, and WE WON!”

MassResistance is an international pro-family group which fights for natural marriage, Biblical morality, and biological reality in matters of life, marriage, family, and sexuality. Founded in 1995 by Brian Camenker of Waltham, Massachusetts, MassResistance has been fighting the LGBT Movement, warning parents, families, and communities of the disturbing attacks on faith, family, and freedom which result from this agenda. Visit our website for more information.

Contact information:
Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
Cell: (310) 793-8647

Brian Camenker, President
PO Box 1612Waltham, MA 02454
(781) 890-6001

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