Saturday, August 11, 2018

We the People Rising Crash Illegal Alien Senator's Fundraiser in Downey (Photos)

State Senate candidate Susan Rubio hosted a fundraiser for her now non-starter bid for office.

State Senator Ricardo Lara, who is running for Insurance Commissioner, was supposed to be the headline guest for this fundraiser.

So, We the People Rising arrived on scene, waiting for Little Ricky!

Here's the announcement for the fundraiser:

We took our seats at one of the tables.

The restaurant owners obviously don't know who we are!

We had our signs ready to protest the state senator as soon as he arrived.

Then Lorie Masonis arrived!

She came a little later, but it was good to have another member of the team with us to confront the illegal alien pandering state senator Ricardo Lara!

The fundraiser began at 6:30.

We all waited and dined at the restaurant, then looked around to see who attended the meeting.

In the picture below, you can see Susan Rubio:

Here's another picture of the state senate candidate, and this time Raul took out his sign to tell her where we stand on the issues!

Vote, vote Ricardo out!

Vote Ricardo Lara out!

Some of the elected officials who had attended the meeting pretended as though we weren't there.

But the Asian guy with the black tie (see above) called someone as soon as he saw us at the table!

We waited for an hour and a half, until the end of the fundraiser, and Lara didn't even show up!

Then look who showed up?

Mario Beltran!

This corrupt, disgraced former city councilman from Bell Gardens has been popping up all over the Southeastern Los Angeles County region.

He was forced to resign from city council because of campaign finance issues. He also ended up drunk in a hotel. If there is a corrupt city contract in Los Angeles County, you know that Beltran has his fingers all over it.

And he's helping Susan Rubio get elected?

This will not end well.

Beltran could see me.

He's wearing the glasses, and he is standing in front of the lady with the polka dot dress:

Greg Susca gladly posed for the camera while I was taking photos of corrupt Beltran.

Our sting operation at the Downey restaurant was a huge success.

Ricardo Lara didn't show up.

The fundraiser was very lightly attended. How can anyone raise money?
But at least we enjoyed the food.


Check out my livefeed of the event below:

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