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VICE Exposes Gay Cuck Spartan As Sellout FBI Plant ( Major Payback Followed)

Vice News (For what it's worth) put together a video montage, expose, whatever of John Turano, It's pretty stunning what they got out of it, assuming that what they are reporting is true.

Here's the video.

Here's background.

Turano, aka Based Spartan Man (before he sold out) showed up on May Day 2017, too, dressed up in his crazy Spartan gear.

John Turano, aka Gay Cuck Spartan, was a media whore, for lack of a better word. In 2017, he jumped into the national, and apparently international, limelight when he was fighting, kicking, punching and throwing trash cans at the Battle of Berkeley last March, last April, last whenever.

Then came the Sharia Law protests, and he was protesting with Antifa, with the social justice warriors who wanted open borders, Muslim refugees, and lots of fighting against the established order of things.

From that moment on, everyone called him "cuck" or cuck Spartan. He likes smearing people as "gay", and he frequently yells at people with other epithets like "bitch."

So I call him Gay Cuck Spartan.

This thug got into fights with lots of people among the different patriots in Los Angeles County. He wanted to be the center of attention, nothing more. I remember in mid-2017 he came to a Cudahy City Council meeting wearing a marijuana shirt. It was covered all over in marijuana leaves.

He then walked up to me and flipped me off.

A month later, Cuck Spartan showed up and started harassing John Willis and me. He was yelling at us, subtly trying to start a fight. John and I walked quietly to our cars, but Cuck Spartan stood in front of the gate to delay our departure from the Cudahy City Hall.

This guy was looking for different ways to start a fight. He wanted to get into media attention, again, or at least that's what it seemed.

The next major confrontation occured at Cal State Fullerton during the Milo Halloween Event. I confronted him to give him a hard time, to mock him for attacking me and others at other events. He pushed me aside then walked away. It became really clear that the man (if he can be called a man) was deranged when he interrupted me and others who were talking about current events and issues. Lots of people could see that Cuck Spartan was unhinged and completely out of line. He wanted a fight, and I refused to give it to him, since that would have ruined the outreach which all of us were trying to do with the college students at Cal State Fullerton.

The rest of the crowd was on my side, and they pushed away the bigot.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of this crazed half-man's temper tantrums. He came up to all of us in Huntington Park the next Tuesday. He attacked me and others in the parking lot outside the Huntington Park City Hall. He hit my hand twice and pushed my camera. Right behind him was Naui, the Brown Supremacist. He was looking to create trouble, so he apparently he had invited Gay Cuck Spartan to stir up trouble with the rest of We the People Rising.

John Willis and I had tried walking away, ignoring this guy, but that had not worked. A fight was not going to be productive, especially because Naui wanted to record it and share it with everyone on his (now defunct) channel. I then realized "OK, let's see what the police have to say about this?" I then walked to the Huntington Park Police Station to report the crime, an assault specifically.

Cuck Spartan really panicked at that point. He walked away from us, jumped in his car and sped off. People who were following him on Facebook Live told him to get out of there, since he was facing big trouble. That was an interesting evening, to say the least, and I thank God for his wisdom to handle the situation. Doing nothing had not worked, and getting into fight was not going to work. What was Cuck Spartan looking for? Attention, right? So I gave it to him, including the police department.

How about that? For thirty minutes, I gave a full testimony and a crime report to the police officer on site. I explained what happened, but he told me candidly that what had happened to me was not going to be the first priority for the police department. I understood, since Huntington Park has its own crime waves (anyone surprised?).

The police department did take the case seriously. I met with a sergeant at the Huntington Park Police Department. I identified Turano in a police photo line-up. He walked me through the videos which I had recorded. They even informed me that Turano reached out to the Huntington Park police department, indicating that he wanted to work with them.

How about that?

One thing is for sure: we spooked the guy finally not to mess with us.

The next month, Gay Cuck Spartan showed up at the Pro-Israel counterprotests outside the West Los Angeles federal building on the corners of Veteran and Wilshire Blvd. A lot of people were really unhappy to see him there. They wanted him to take off, but like everyone else Turano has a First Amendment Right to speak out in the public square.

His comments were really inappropriate. He made general denouncements of the police department. He shouted curse words at people. Then as he and his daughter left the area, a young pro-Palestinian lady with her little sister confronted him. "Did you call my little sister an f--king terrorist?" She shouted at Turano.

Foolishly, Gay Cuck responded: "She looked like one."

Here's the video segment on Twitter:

Twitter did its thing after that. Turano and his daughter Bianca got doxxed all over the Internet.

I had written "Payback is a Cuck" to showcase the epic shame which they ended up suffering for their antics. Of course, this one episode is a massive symptom of their by-and-large abusive behavior toward others.

Other people had doxxed Cuck Spartan for me, too, after he had assaulted me in the Huntington Park parking lot the night before.

Now I can proceed to the Vice Video segment and share more of what I have learned since then.

John Turano is definitely a messed-up case. I could tell that he suffered a lot of abuse as a child. No question about it. He had served time in prison after getting bounced around in juvenile halls and detention facilities.

I sympathize with the tough times that people have suffered through, but they do not get to ruin our adulthood just because they had a bad childhood.

Vice showcased Turano not because they really care about the guy. They put all this attention on him because they want to shame and smear Trump supporters, nothing more. Of course, no one wants to point out that he shouted demeaning remarks at Trump supporters, including Jolene Moss. Vice is not interesting in pointing out that Turano's crazed, imbecilic rants are not typical among Trump supporters, either.

Some other things that I had learned about Turano:

1. He is a registered Democrat.
2. He has "white pride" tattooed onto his skin.
3. He was an informant for the FBI. Yes, that's what VICE reported.

Check out the screen shots:

Now, we can all take this with a grain of salt, too. Is it really possible, is it even remotely believable that the Federal Bureau of Investigation would approach this guy to be an informant?

I guess anything is possible, and it would make sense that he was throwing up a bunch of fights and taunting to go after us.

But he barking up a bunch of wrong trees, that's for sure. If the FBI and he wanted to find hate groups, they need to look to the Left, to the different sides of the racist divide.

Nothing more.

And here's the best part, or rather the part which exposes the full brunt of consequences which have fallen upon the Turanos:

4. Bianca Turano was kicked out of her Masters in Social Work program for her father's words toward the young Palestinian and her sister.

There was a price paid, and he caused his daughter to pay heavily for it.,

I have often quoted that verse in Isaiah:

And this promise has continued to play out for me every time.

Gay Cuck Spartan harassed me, and he paid the price.

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  1. He's an agent provocateur. He's sent in by the Feds to discredit your group. Google cointelpro, bro.