Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Bill Kristol: Anti-Trump Derangement at Its Best (and Worst)

The neocons were liberals that had been mugged by reality.

Now it looks as they have become would-be conservatives mugged by humiliation.

They have hurt feelings because their exclusive foreign policy fixation isn't getting the time and attention they think it deserves.

Would someone please tell me what they are putting in Bill Kristol's coffee.

Irving Kristol was one of the most outspoken classic liberals out there. He defended freedom of speech as well as a strong United States against Soviet Aggression.

Now his son is pandering with statist propaganda and the tyrannical silencing of disparate views.

This is really sickening.

I can see why so many people find neoconservatives so frustrating.

They went into the Republican Party because they wanted a robust national policy which focused on international implications.

Fighting against the Soviet Union was necessary, and arejecting the dilettante liberalism was essential.

They were socially liberal, but not statist. They rejected the Democratic Party and became Republicans. They wanted a robust nation in the midst of the nations, but they didn't like the idea of blaming the United States for all the ills of the world, and they recognized the need to confront communist and win.

Today, I look at someone like Bill Kristol and wonder "Why?"

By "why", I mean what has happened to this guy? What is he thinking? What is his problem with Trump, really?

He's upset because the push for a growing commitment to Jeffersonian Democracy in the Middle East has died? Kristol is upset because a vision of  a perfect, harmonious Middle East is gone?

What I see in Bill Kristol is a narrow-minded intellectual who doesn't like the fact that the President isn't listening to him. He doesn't like that the leader of the Republican Party is taking orders from Trump and not neocons like him.

That bothers him greatly. That's what this is really about. Kristol is upset not because good things are happening to this country. Kristol is upset because he is not the person giving all the advice. He's not the kingmaker, the defining presence at the Washington D.C. version of "The Cool Kids' Table."

His self-loving disdain for Trump, for our country, for the voters' wishes is a big problem to me.

Whatever happened to “It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit"?

Kristol's disdain for Trump is not ideological. It's personal, and that is unprofessional.

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