Friday, August 17, 2018

Open Letter to CAGOP Leadership, Re: Solano County GOP Central Committee

Chairman Brulte and National Committeemembers:

It is beyond alarming to me that a member of the Solano County Republican Party was summarily removed ... and no reason was provided.

Chairman Lou Webster sent Ryan Messano a brief message, informing him that he was no longer welcome. His membership fee was returned, but no explanation provided.

These kind of practices make sense among lawless Democrats, but NOT the Republican Party.

Two other sources in the Solano County GOP Central Committee informed me that the chairman, Lou Webster, took the action against Ryan Messano on his own. By-laws by and large forbid such secrecy and such unilateral tyranny, last time I checked.

Furthermore, the two members told me that there was nothing which Messano had said, shared, or had spoken at the August 2nd meeting, the most recent meeting before today, that had taken place which would have required such a drastic action.

Chairman Webster's actions are patently unacceptable.

Chairman Brulte went to great lengths to outline transparency as a much-needed aspect for CAGOP leadership.

All county committee members and chairs are bound to uphold the same standard.

Ryan Messano, a Republican who has a plenary interest in every aspect of the state party platform: faith, family and fiscal discipline, should not have been treated like this.

Webster refused to provide any explanation, besides "the highers told me to." Yes, the same excuse used by communist and fascist bullies alike: "I was just following orders."

You can these responses in the text messages in my post below.

I believe that you should be aware of this "passing the buck", and I believe that a new chairman is needed in Solano County.

This kind of lawless, abusive behavior can no longer be tolerated in our state, especially among Republicans.

Thank you.

--Arthur Schaper

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