Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Truth About Nick Fuentes: Left-Wing, Anti-American Fraud

I am merely isolating this part of my previous article for emphasis' sake.

Fuentes attended the "United the Right" Charlottesville

Then there was the Nick Fuentes debate.

It was really hard to understand what was going on. I was trying to this kid's debate points seriously, but they really weren't serious.

Or rather ... this guy really isn't right-wing or America First.

1. Fuentes said he would rather live in a fascist state.
2. He declared that a woman is worth half of a man.
3. He questioned the Holocaust, which is his right, but then he complains that he is not a white nationalist or a neo-Nazi or anything like that (yet he sure talks like one ...)
4. Then they went off on their anti-Semitic rants against me at the end of the "Debate".

These guys are not America First.

They are America Last, and they are Iran First, or rather Palestinian Terrorism first, or Ayatollahs first.

Look, they are entitled to their opinions, but the fact that they reject the equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their skin color, the fact that they are committed to some kind of "white nationalism" rather than American exceptionalism, and the fact that they have rejected a number of the United States' founding principles, both in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, pretty much goes to show that they are not America First.

A supporter made this for me.
Fuentes blocked the guy who made this

They are America Last, and any line of argument, radio shows, or anything in between that suggests otherwise is a total left-wing, collectivist fraud.

Hatred of Jews? Left-wing.

Hatred of Israel and opposition to recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Left-wing.

A commitment to racial segregation and ultimately separation? Left-wing.

Most importantly, however, when anyone claims that they would rather live in a fascist state than in a constitutional republic, there you have another left-winger, and someone who is as antithetical to the American experiment, to American exceptionalism.

Besides, fascism is a left-wing ideology.

Sorry, Nick. You are a fraud.

So here is the JQ once again ...

Why not Just Quit Nick Fuentes?

Bibi has a point here


Here's more (with more information to come):

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