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California MassResistance Stands with Pro-Family Vice-Mayor in Liberal East Bay Enclave

California MassResistance is back and with renewed strength.
The first opportunity since their 2017 hiatus, CA MassResistance protested at the Dixon City Council in Northern California.
Why was this little rural town the focus of MassResistance’s latest efforts?
A national media frenzy targeted the rural city in Solano County (20 miles southwest of Sacramento) earlier this month following an article written by Dixon Vice-Mayor Ted Hickman.
In his piece, which he later published on his blog, he called for a “Straight Pride American Month” for the month of July, to contrast with the grotesque displays of sexual immorality and hedonism during June Gay Pride months, including pride parades.
Here’s the entire article:
Last Sunday ended LGBTQF-WTF month Yea! (*Don’t get me wrong I support the First Amendment, as much as the next person, and support the rights of grown men to wear skin tight short-shorts and go-go boots and don tinker bell wings with wand and prance down the streets of San Francisco) with tens of thousands of folks dancing and prancing all over American celebrating the fact they are different than most of the rest of us and showing their “pride” in being so.
       Our real, straight SPAM, Dixon Rainbow Flag of sorts over Northwest Park! (See Below)
Now before anyone gets their pantyhose in a knot, this is not really legally anti anything; instead it’s pro-family; and proud to be a straight American, and me expressing a private opinion… So there! If you remember last week I proclaimed the Month of July as SPAM …(Straight Pride American Month)…(as Vice Mayor don’t know if I can, but what the heck). Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4th, as healthy, heterosexual, fairly monogamous, keep our kinky stuff to ourselves, Americans… We do it with our parades in every state and county in this country with families celebrating together. We honor our country and our veterans who have made all of this possible (including for the tinker bells) and we can do it with actual real pride, not some put on show just to help our inferior complex “show we are different” type of crap. We ARE different from them…We work, have families, (and babies we make) enjoy and love the company (and marriage) of the opposite sex and don’t flaunt our differences dressing up like faries and prancing by the thousands in a parade in nearby San Francisco to be televised all over the world… *And yes, before it becomes an issue, I do believe in faries; I’ve seen them in SF for myself.  Let’s see if I can remember the Peter Pan story about believing in faries…oh yeah, so according to “Wikipedia” faries are powered “bypiezoelectric” crystals which can be energized by sound waves like made by clapping. So, right now if you don’t want any faries to expire, you can clap your hands. See, I do have a heart I just can’t type and clap at the same time… so I had to make a hard choice didn’t I?

The article is tongue-in-cheek. Perhaps off-color, but the fundamental ideas behind are shared by many people.
The firestorm which erupted against the vice mayor was immediate and went nationwide.
Local, state, and even the national media weighed in on this controversy:
Even the Washington Post reported on  the July 10th 2018 Dixon City Council meeting. 200 pro-LGBT activists packed the tiny city council chambers and the outside lawn to demand Vice Mayor Hickman’s resignation.
The abuse that Hickman suffered didn’t stop there, either. LGBT bullies called his employer, and Hickmas was terminated. He also received death threats and endured other kinds of abuse. This is a common tactic used by the aggressive homosexual lobby. Anyone who speaks against these destructive, disorderly behaviors will face a firestorm of hate, abuse, and threats against their livelihood and their lives.
Here Comes MassResistance
Then came in Arthur Schaper, who has served Director for California chapter MassResistance and is now our national Organization Director. In one report, he noticed that only one supporter showed up to support Hickman’s freedom of speech and his views on life, family, and marriage.
Schaper wanted to right this wrong and invite other people to show support for Vice-Mayor Hickman at the next city council meeting on July 24th, 2018.
MassResistance connected with other California activists in the region. Schaper also reached out to local conservative groups like the Solano County unit of the California Republican Assembly.
Check out their call to action below:
Schaper sent out a press release and a letter showing support for Vice Mayor Hickman, too.
The local paper, the Vacaville Reporter, printed his letter. Click here to check it out.
One of the reporters from the paper reached out Schaper. As expected, the liberal press in the East Bay area wanted to push a liberal narrative, focusing on the homosexuals and transgenders as if they were the victims, and Hickman was the unreasonable bully.
MassResistance knows how this game is played, and we are not afraid to fight, telling the whole truth about the LGBT Agenda. Within days, Schaper received letters and phone calls from other local pro-family activists who wanted to help make a difference.
The first article they wrote featured MassResistance and our efforts to support Vice Mayor Hickman:
The article appeared in a collection of newspapers owned by the same media company throughout the East Bay area!
On July 24th, California MassResistance arrived with posters and signs to tell the truth.

The police presence was unprecedented!

And inside the meeting!

That day, the LGBT Bullies had dramatically fewer protesters and demonstrators compared to July 10th.
But they were still vicious and angry:

One of them got in Arthur’s face, and one of the police officers had to escort him away:
 MassResistance members were not afraid to confront the lies of the LGBT Left. One of them asked the LGBT protesters what the letter “P” means in the whole LGBT alphabet. No one wanted to answer, although one person dismissed it as “fake news.”
It sure isn’t! The whole LGBT Agenda has been all about targeting the younger children, going after the children.
MassResistance was not just ready with posters and signs, but CA Director Schaper had a copy of The Health Hazards of Homosexuality.” He presented it to the reporter who was following him at the event. During public comment, Schaper gave it to the city council.

One of the biggest criticisms against Vice Mayor Hickman is that he made “homophobic” remarks in his article. In fact, he merely reported the perverse cavorting and displays of gross nudity and explicity sexual content which takes places at these sodomite parades.
Randy Thomasson of Save of California and then Arthur showed them to the audience:

And our MassResistance team, which included men and women from El Dorado Hills, to Alameda and even Oakley. Check out their signs. They are not afraid to stand up to the LGBT Hate Machine. We have people from all backgrounds and all ages, too!
Check out the bold show of support from MassResistance for Vice-Mayor Hickman:

Ryan Messano gave an impassioned speech about the future of any culture which abandons sexual morality. He has also endured bullying from the LGBT movement in other city council meetings

Check out his account below:

During his public comment, Schaper read into the record a statement from another elected official the Vice Chairman of the Contra Costa County Board of Education Jeff Belle. Unlike many elected officials, Vice Chairman Belle is not afraid to speak the truth about Biblical morality and the dangers of the LGBT Movement.
Here’s the full statement from Vice Chairman Belle:
The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them. Truth, in its absolute form is the Word of God! While the community may oppose Councilman Hickman's stance against immoral behavior such as LBGTQ, as an elected member of Contra Costa County Board of Education, I, too, support Councilman Hickman's stance against immoral behavior as defined by the only truth, the Word of God!
In fact, the greatest challenge in leadership is making decisions that affect other people. Councilman Hickman's decision may not be the most popular, but it is the best decision given the clear choice between moral choice and immoral choice.
Our children are seeking the right direction, not the popular direction, because tomorrow they must provide clear, direction. Let's all hope that it will be based upon the truth of God's Word!
This kind of leadership is sorely lacking from our elected officials. We need more men and women like Hickman and Belle, conservatives who speak the truth and their mind, even in some of the most liberal, pro-LGBT regions of their states and in the entire country.
Check out the remarks from other committed pro-family activists below, too. Arthur recorded the whole public comment period from YouTube Live!
And then check out the crazy LGBT bullies who attended the meeting;

After the period of public comment, in which members of the city both condemned and defended Vice-Mayor Hickman, the city council declined to take any serious action against Hickman aside from issuing a resolution that the Vice-Mayor’s Comments did not reflect the sentiments of the Dixon City Council.
We Won!
The local press reluctantly recognized that nothing was going to happen to Vice Mayor Ted Hickman:
One member of the audience simply asked that the city council would let this whole affair pass. California MassResistance celebrated their victory outside in a group photo.
See below:

Final Reflection
Many residents in the city shared that they were afraid to attend the city council meeting. LGBT bullies are vicious, unafraid to confront and curse at people.
One of the pro-LGBT activists confronted Arthur very closely, so much so that one of the 20—yes, 20!—police officers on site had to approach the man and turn him away. Arthur was not afraid to confront some of the LGBT activists about their beliefs, including the “objective” reporter who was caught fraternizing with the homosexual activists.
Members of MassResistance recorded their comments and interactions with everyone, including the police officers to ensure that their rights were respected and no one attempted to hurt them.
Ryan Messano stayed after the city council meeting to speak with some of the pro-LGBT remnants who lingered outside the city council chambers. We can’t make a difference to impact our culture for life and family if we do not show up.
Sharon showed up to the meeting because she received the invitation and call to action on the California MassResistance eblast:

Randy Thomasson of Save California, another pro-family group, attended with the MassResistance team to show support for natural marriage and family. He also provided disturbing photos to prove that Vice-Mayor Hickman’s remarks about gay pride parades were not homophobic, but strikingly accurate.
This is how MassResistance wins the culture wars. Instead of shying away from speaking the truth about the health and societal dangers connected to homosexuality and transgenderism, we speak the truth and don’t hold back anything.
Of course, not only can the LGBT activists be abusive, sometimes the city or local law enforcement agents can become part of the problem. In the city council chambers, different members of the audience began to discuss the whole LGBT Movement. One young man confronted Arthur, and he seemed willing to talk. Then an older woman approached the younger man to ward him off.
Later, the chief of police yelled admonished the audience to be quiet during the city council’s closed session. When the city councilman leading the charge against Vice-Mayor Hickman showed up outside, Arthur confronted him in front of everyone and demanded to know if he was intimidating other residents from speaking out.
At that point, the chief of police got really angry and threatened Arthur to be quiet. Later, the two went outside to speak, and the left-wing pro-LGBT activists applauded. They thought that they would be rid of Arthur, but one minute later, Arthur returned, refusing to be intimidated.

Despite the police chief’s best efforts, Arthur was not intimidated!

No wonder many people worry about speaking out against the LGBT movement! The retribution, the bullying can be fierce. But MassResistance members are not afraid, and we hope that our example encourages more people to speak out for life, marriage, and family against the LGBT Hate Machine.

In the next post, we will talk about how biased and misleading the local reporter was toward Arthur and MassResistance as a whole—and how MassResistance not only fought back, but forced the reporter to make adjustments and retract misleading information from subsequent articles about our appearance there.

These are tips you need to know when you start confronting elected officials in your area to respect the rights of parents and the realities of life, marriage, and family.
Stay tuned!

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