Tuesday, August 28, 2018

ANOTHER VICTORY: CA Legislature Still Stalling AB 2943 (Keep Up the Pressure)

State Assembly adjourns for the day. There were more major battles and massive stalling on the floor. The Democratic caucus had to twist so many arms to get other pieces of legislation passed.
And they didn't bring up #AB2943.
WE ARE WINNING THIS FIGHT! We can stall #AB2943 for good! I called everyone of these assemblymembers' offices, and I also called at least two churches in the local area for each of these representatives.
I need everyone of you to take at least five of the members below and call them. Share the link below, too! Use their Twitter handles to contact them on social media:
1. Arambula, Joaquin  @drarambulaAD31
2. Baker, Catharine  @CBakerAD16
3. Calderon, Ian  @IanCalderon ‏
4. Cervantes, Sabrina  @AsmCervantes
5. Cooley, Ken  @KenCooley
6. Cooper, Jim  @AsmJimCooper
7. Frazier, Jim  @AsmFrazier
8. Gabriel, Jesse  @ASMGabriel
9. Garcia, Cristina  @AsmGarcia
10. Garcia, Eduardo  @AsmEGarciaAD56
11. Gray, Adam  @AdamGrayCA
12. Grayson, Tim  @AsmGrayson
13. Holden, Christopher  @ChrisHoldenNews
14. Irwin, Jacqui  @ASM_Irwin
15. Maienschein, Brian  @BMaienschein
16. Medina, Jose  @AsmJoseMedina
17. Mullin, Kevin 

18. Muratsuchi, Al  @AsmMuratsuchi
19. Quirk, Bill  @AsmBillQuirk
20. Quirk-Silva, Sharon  @QuirkSilva2018
21. Reyes, Eloise  @AsmReyes47
22. Salas, Ruby  @rudysalasjr
23. Rendon, Anthony (Speaker of the Assembly)  @Rendon63rd

In the links below, you will find the contact information for every assemblymember along with key talking points against AB 2943:

Remember, the state legislature has until August 31st to pass any legislation to the Governor's desk.

We can stop this terrible legislation, and we are seeing more signs that wobbly Democrats in swing districts are starting to back away or resist difficult legislation already.

They need to hear from you and learn that they work for us, not the other away around.

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