Friday, August 17, 2018

Hadley for CAGOP Chairman? Say No to "NeverTrumper" Hadley

I am just astounded that the current CAGOP Chairman selected David Hadley to be the next  vice chairman. What is this about? He is in line to be the next chairman because he can raise lots of money.

Yeah, lots of money from the New Permanent Minority, headed by Any Gharakani, aka Gimme-Candy. How many races have they won? Hadley didn't win in 2014 with their help. He worked with a network called the South Bay One Hundred. Then he expanded the numbers to include the South Bay Three Hundred. I joined that group, by the way, donating $500 to his campaign.

I voted for Hadley for Assembly, twice. I will not support him for chairman. We need a fighter, not just a "balancer". We need people who will not depend on a bunch of money from the New Majority.

No. They are too liberal. They don't want to the fight the culture wars that will help us reach out to all kinds of voters. We need people who will fight the fight against the Democrats on all levels.

We need Steve Frank.

Not David Hadley.

Never-Trumper David Hadley

Check out Hadley's record on President Trump:

Late last week, after the dust had settled on the Republican and Democratic national conventions, Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Manhattan Beach) made an announcement: He won't vote for either party's presidential nominee.

"Here is the bottom line: I am not voting for either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump," Hadley wrote in an op-ed in the Daily Breeze. "Both have shown themselves unfit for the highest office in the land. Neither reflects the South Bay values that this citizen legislator is trying to bring to Sacramento."
President Trump was our best choice going forward. The idea that voters could sit out the election and do nothing was a bad move. He should have just kept his mouth shut and continued on his campaign.

Here's more from the Op-Ed:

In the op-ed, Hadley said Trump "is a recurring litany of insults, provocation and polarization," and he said Hillary Clinton endangered members of the American military because of her email practices when she was secretary of State. In the final line of the piece, Hadley urges citizens to vote in November.

This is unfortunate. He made his decision, and it was a tough political decision. I understood why he did it, and for a time it didn't seem to matter to me, in that I wanted him to win and make sure that Al Muratsuchi didn't come back into the State Assembly.

But for him to run for State Party Chairman? Not good. He also cast some really bad votes.

For now, though, I am not supporting him for Chairman. We need a leader at the top of the party apparatus who will work with our President, who will share his vision of fighting back and winning. We don't need "balance" in Sacramento, we need conservatism!

Check out his other remarks against the President:

"Turns out, Hadley hasn’t voted for Trump. “I will repeat one more time: I have never supported Donald Trump, I did not vote for him in the primary and I will not be voting for him in the general election,” Hadley said.   

Sorry, folks, but when it comes to partisan politics and meaningful leadership, there has to be enough courage to stand up and do the right thing, even when it isn't popular.

I urge CAGOP delegates to vote FOR Steve Frank!

He supports our President.

He voted for the President.

He has a long and storied history in pushing for the plenary values of the Republican Party, and he is invested in making the case for these values all over the state. We need someone who is connected to leaders, movers and shakers.

We need someone who wants to Make California Great Again, not just tinker around the edges and find some "balance."

My vote is for Steve Frank!

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