Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Open Letter to CA State Assembly: Oppose AB 2943

To the full members of the California State Assembly:

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am the Organization Director for MassResistance.

We are an international pro-family group that makes a difference. We have chapters throughout the United States and the world, including Nigeria, Hong Kong, Mexico, and we are expanding our outreach into Chile and South Africa.

We urge each of you to reconsider your support for AB 2943 if you voted for the bill in May of this year. If you did not vote for this legislation, we appreciate your stance to protect the rights of all California citizens to seek the therapy which suits them most.

We urge you to respect the rights of reparative therapy, both practitioners and patients. This form of therapy does not rely on abuse of any kind, but has in fact saved countless lives from pain, hurt, and even suicide.

Please consider the following testimony of Jim Domen, a "Former" who had engaged in same-sex conduct, then left that lifestyle to become a married man with wife and children.

His rights are being ignored and trampled upon with #AB2943, along with these individuals--

Furthermore, this legislation is a brazen violation of the First Amendment. Two institutions have already signaled that they will file lawsuits should this bill pass, and the Governor signs it into law. The Pacific Justice Center and Liberty Counsel have already announced intentions to sue. More interest groups will likely apply every legal measure possible to enjoin and then have this potential struck down.

NIFLA vs. Becerra  has already established that there is no "professional speech" exception or limitation for the First Amendment. SCOTUS will very likely strike down AB 2943 and in turn strike down all other reparative therapy bans throughout the country.

On behalf of MassResistance, and our thousands of members throughout the country--and within the state of California--we urge the State Assembly to withdraw this legislation and focus more on enhancing the freedom of choice, speech, and assembly which are guaranteed protections in both the California and the United States Constitutions.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you.


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director

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