Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Breaking: MassResistance Applauds Activist Efforts to Stop AB 2943, But Work Is Not Done Yet

Breaking: MassResistance Applauds Activist Efforts to Stop AB 2943, But Work Is Not Done Yet

Torrance, CA—

MassResistance, the international pro-family group that makes a difference, has been working harder than ever before to combat a terrible bill in the California State Legislature: AB 2943. Churches and grassroots groups all over the state—and the country—have been fighting this bill, urging lawmakers to reject its passage.

This legislation, if passed and signed into law by Governor Brown, would essential reparative therapy, a former of counseling which has helped save countless lives. Specifically, this therapy helps adults who struggle with same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria.

So far, the legislation has stalled for nearly two weeks following its passage out of the State Senate with key amendments. “Growing opposition to this legislation is scaring off assemblymembers who had voted for this bill three months ago,” declared Arthur Schaper, Organization Director for MassResistance. “They should do the right thing and have this bill withdrawn from consideration for this legislative session.”

Sadly, despite the countless number of testimonies before the separate legislative committees and outside the state capitol, the current legislative majority has insisted on pursuing this very wrong-headed agenda. Therefore, MassResistance activists will continue to push for removal of this bill. The Legislature has until August 31st, 2018 to pass this bill, and they are getting closer to the constitutional deadline.

Jim Domen

“Reparative therapy works,” Schaper added. “The Movement provides numerous testimonies on the effectiveness of reparative therapy. The latest Op-Ed in the Orange County Register should caution and concern legislators pursuing this course of action.” Jim Domen, leading pastor of Church United in Newport Beach, CA issued a stinging rebuke and warning to California legislators that this assault on faith, family, and freedom has awakened a “Compassionate giant.” Churches throughout the state of California has responded to this latest assault on their rights and values with massive demonstrations, calls, and visits to state assemblymembers’ offices.

“Not only is this legislation unconstitutional, but at least two institutions have already explored filing lawsuits should AB 2943 pass the legislature and get signed into law by Governor Brown,” Schaper continued. “This law would certainly get struck down at the United States Supreme Court, and with it all other reparative therapy bans across the country would be struck down, too.

“The California state legislature has invested so much in fighting the Trump Administration. This latest affront will not end well for the state of California or the LGBT Movement should they continue on this course of action.”

For more information, please contact:

Arthur Schaper: Organization Director, MassResistance

Brian Camenker: President, MassResistance
Phone: (781) 890-6001

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