Saturday, November 8, 2014

Walker: Model Governor for All

Cap Times editor John Nichols claimed that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the model governor for the Koch Brothers. Claiming that he and other Republican governors take marching orders from the two Kansas oil magnates,  Nichols believes that the American political culture is getting bought and sold, right out from under us.

For the record, the Koch Brothers’ spending dwindles in comparison to the overreaching wealth and financing of liberal, left-wing billionaires like George Soros and his “shadow organization” Let us not forget California robber baron Tom Steyer, who sponsored a climate change filibuster in Washington DC earlier this year. Beyond these wealthy left-leaning investors, the immoral amounts of political donations from labor unions has crippled democracy more than individual wealth. California, Rhode Island, and Illinois are examples of left-wing bastions going broke because of undue union influence through coerced membership and forced union dues.

The truth is, Walker has been the model leader for the majority of voters three times. Not just in Wisconsin, but for other governors, and working Americans throughout the country, Walker has inspired resistance up to bullying Big Labor and their unearned, immoral campaign warchests funded by coerced union dues.

From bagging his lunch to work as a county executive, to standing up to rapacious labor unions during his first year in office, Walker has demonstrated that clear vision and courage combine to form ideal leadership. No one should fault the Koch Brothers for endorsing an executive who accomplishes the best for his state.

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