Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Real Progress: Republican Victories

The Madison Wisconsin progressive paper, The Cap Times, reported two seemingly conflicted accounts of Election Night 2014.

Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke loses, yet she insists on her fight for progressive values. Walker wins his third election in four years, yet not by the widest margins compared to his previous races, as if his policies are in question.

The truth is that on November 4th 2014, Democratic, liberal, anti-progressive policies received not just a rebuke, but a nation-wide rejection. Democrats not only lost ten Senate seats, but lost governorships in otherwise blue regions, too. President Obama promised hope and change. He disappointed on both fronts. Governor Walker promised reforms, delivered, and earned reelection. Free-market conservatives and true, classical liberal Republicans have a record of providing both, and now they have the chance to expand their winning message.

Real progress is not redefining marriage or justifying abortion on demand. Real progress is allowing the people to prosper and enjoy good health, to allow people to seek gainful employment without joining a union, or paying dues to corrupted political organizations against their will.

Americans do not want the government dictating their health care, their employment options, and their values. Taxpayers do not want to subsidize greedy unions at the expense of their communities’ well-being and their children’s future. Governor Walker understands these sentiments. His collective bargaining reforms ensured that public employees serve the public, not themselves, that public education educates children, rather than enriching union bosses, that health care remains a choice, not a rationed dictate.

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