Thursday, November 6, 2014

About VC Star's Strike on Strickland

The Ventura County Start wrote a piece about former representative Tony Strickland’s latest lost. They should have written about election challenges for incumbent Democrats, and many opportunities for Republican challengers.

The California Democratic Party is tarnished with incompetence and corruption. Four state senators were arrested, indicted, and convicted of serious crimes. Democratic disunity at the local level has revealed deeper problems, as Republicans gained victories in San Diego, San Bernardino, and the Central Valley.

The VC Star should have reported that in the 25th Congressional District, two Republicans fought to replace Howard “Buck” McKeon. The more Establishment-aligned candidate Tony Strickland not only lost three prior races, including a close race with State Assembly candidate Julie Brownley for the 26th Congressional District in 2012. His challenger, State Senator Steve Knight, was one of few state senators to continue demanding the expulsion of convicted state senator Roderick Wright. Voting his conscience, Knight defended our rights, including the First Amendment, when he voted against banning the Confederate Flag in the state of California.


Strickland relied on strong political endorsements, including the retiring Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon and former UN Ambassador John Bolton. Stephen Knight, one of the few outspoken conservatives in the state legislature, had the backing of former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Donnelly.

The 25th Congressional District general election produced a tough fight between two seasoned Republicans, with a high profile debate moderated by Hollywood star Keanu Reeves. In a last-minute bid of desperation, Strickland issued an inflammatory mailer to prospective Democratic voters. Shaming Knight for his vote against banning the Confederate flag, Strickland allude that his opponent was a racial extremist. I called Strickland’s office to voice my heated displeasure. I am glad that Knight won. Instead of Strickland, the Ventura County Star should praise Knight and wish him the best.

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