Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Elephant is in the Middle of the Room

An illiberal columnist in the Santa Monica Daily Press mocked Republican chances after the 2012 elections. Elated at these losses, he joked: “The Elephant is not in the middle of the room.” Disappointed at losing the Presidency and three US Senate Seats, I responded that the Jackass had taken its place: unsustainable entitlement spending, unfettered liberal assaults on family values, and a reckless foreign policy defined by doing stupid stuff.
Post Election 2014, not only is the Elephant in the Middle of the Room, with the marginalized mainstream media failing to ignore it, but the conservative Pachyderm is packing seats in Congress, and will likely force Democrats packing out of the White House in 2016. Voters not only rebuked President Obama’s regressive overreach, they repudiated his progressive world view. Even in California, Republicans picked up house seats and key local offices.
For the record, progress is not redefining marriage, expanding abortion on demand, grabbing people’s guns, taxing the makers while creating more takers, stifling energy exploration, enabling illegal immigration, relaxing border security, or insulting international allies while running from Islamic terrorism, or mocking people of faith. Progress is free markets, free enterprise, and free people, i.e. the platform for the Republican Party, state and federal.
I had contented myself with being on the right side of eternity, but perhaps on the wrong side of history. This year, Democrats are on the wrong side of every issue, and their latest election rout  provide it.
Good luck with that one, Jackie Boy!

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