Saturday, November 8, 2014

SD-7 Possible GOP Pick-Up in 2015?

With the surprise GOP victory of Catherine Baker in Assembly District 16, could Republicans capitalizing on pro-growth, pro-liberty candidates to take the DeSaulnier senate seat next year?

Republicans have a knack for taking seats in heavy Democratic areas during off-year special elections. The 16th state senate district fell into GOP hands after a tight fight between a well-known local name vs. a Democratic partisan. The same GOP candidate, Andy Vidak, just won reelection, even though the district is still Democratic.

Could Republicans scoop up another seat in the Bay Area.

Political leaders in the region need to meet and agree on one well-known, strongly backed candidate, then arrange resources quickly.

We need as many public interest (As opposed to special interest) candidates in Sacramento, and with unsetting upsets for the Dems in their own strong holds, Republicans have a chance to widen their influence.

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