Thursday, November 20, 2014

Munger's Plans: Buying Delegates?

Charlie Munger Jr. likes to spend his money. He likes to spread it around for Republican candidates in the state of California. Lately, I have been reading about his interesting, if not quixotic financial exploits on "The Munger Games".

The man is apparently wasting his patrimony on acrimonious Republican vs. Republican contests. Why invest in a race where Republicans are certain to win, only to ignore close contests where a GOP needed that extra boost to carry over? Here is a list of five close Assembly races. Here's a list of close Congressional races where the Bow-Tied One gave. . .not enough (if anything at all).

munger no help janet
This picture says it all (Munger Games)
Why is he trying to get rid of incumbents in seats which Republicans are guaranteed to win? Why won't he help his party gain seats in Congress?

Here's a thought. . .

The way the California Republican Party works, every candidate who runs for office and survives the primary becomes a delegate to the next  CA GOP convention. The higher one's voter percentage, the more delegates a candidate can appoint to attend and vote at the convention.

Perhaps the Bow-Tied One is influencing these races so that he can pull strings with the candidate and his or her potential delegate appointees.

"I helped you out, now you help me out."

Consider openly gay Carl DeMaio. Yes, he lost to Scott Peters, and he took down millions of dollars with him. The San Diego Republican Party backed this horse, even though he was controversial due to his diverse stance on a number of issues.

Yet as a Munger-backed candidate, and coming within a few thousand votes of winning, he can bring with him five to eight delegates to the next California Republican Party convention. Now the left-leaning Republican can vote on watering down the state party platform.

Border security? Now let's root for amnesty.

Life begins at conception, deserves our protection? With Munger-influenced delegates, they will say pro-choice is a principled stance (except for the baby, but who cares what he or she thinks, right?)

Marriage? Gays can marry, too. One view of documentary, and anyone with sense can see where state-imposed gay marriage can take a state, or this country. With Munger money on their minds, delegates won't care, and will have no problem with societal redefinition of marriage.

Guns? Who needs the Second Amendment! Munger delegates will also say: "Go with gun-control from now on."

When viewing Munger's eerie investments in certain campaigns in 2014, one sees an interesting pattern. The heir-physicist isn't handing out all this money to central committees, state county party leaders, and moderate candidates out of the goodness of is heart, now, is he?

Munger the Moderate, watering down the California Republican Party platform, is he trying to pay for then placate candidates, their potential delegates, and thus steer the party platform to the left? Makes perfect sense in a sinister sort of way. . .

Time will tell.

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