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DeMaio's Demise: Homosexual Movement Exposes Itself

Openly gay Republican Carl DeMaio has conceded to Democratic incumbent Scott Peters.

Carl DeMaio

In the days following the election and the last-ballot counting, DeMaio blasted the media frenzy around numerous, salacious accusations against him:

“If I were a Democrat, there would be people in the streets rioting over what we’ve had to endure.”

Quite an indictment. Is there a double-standard against gay conservatives, Republicans? Does this country's citizenry, gay or straight, anything to fear from a fascist element in the gay rights movement?

 Nationally-renowned drag queen protested the LGBT speech police when he (she?) used the term "tranny".

She (or he?) also uttered a prophetic critique on the LGBT movement in general:

Forget an outside threat, the “Gay Movement” will eat itself from the inside out

Specifically, how did the LGBT movement respond to Republcan DeMaio's Congressional run?

The [Liberal] National Journal exposed  one side of the darker face of the homosexual movement:

LGBT leaders refuse to endorse him for Congress, just as they opposed his mayoral bid. They say they believe the election of an openly gay Republican—especially this openly gay Republican—would hurt, not help, their cause. Activists routinely turn out to boo DeMaio at his events, and they speak openly about their disdain for any politician who belongs to a party that they say opposes their civil rights.

Here's a link featuring DeMaio in a city parade, and member of the gay community are booing him. Where's the love from his gay peers?, one has to wonder.

Another point worth considering: for all of DeMaio's claims that his sexuality was a secondary issue, the video clip depicts him bearing the Gay Rights six-color banner, accompanied by his same-sex partner.

The National Journal continues:

“If you’re LGBT, you don’t see your ability to marry and adopt as ‘social issues,’ ” Stampp Corbin, publisher of San Diego’s LGBT Weekly, tells me. “These are civil-rights issues. Why would Carl run for a party [whose platform] would deny he and his partner those abilities? Why would I want to elect an openly gay Republican to Congress if their platform says they want to deny me my civil rights? When you think your equality in America is less important than anything, you have some issues you need to work out.”

Ouch! Already, the LGBT movements exposes itself as a political force at-odds with free people thinking for themselves.

DeMaio diminished the movement's opposition thus:

DeMaio scoffs at the opposition he faces from LGBT leaders. They won’t support him because they’re worried about losing their own political clout if conservatives come around on gay rights, he insists. “They don’t want the Republican Party to change on LGBT issues,” he tells me. “They want a bogeyman to fundraise off of.”

In other words, the gay movement is a partisan interest group interested in fomenting conflict? Are they a hate group that American voters should worry about? Let's put their offensive treatment of DeMaio in perspective. Can anyone imagine members of the NAACP booing Congresswoman-elect Mia Love in Utah or US Senator Tim Scott in North Carolina just because of their political affiliation?

In the Washington Blade, DeMaio endorsed ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act, but the caption for the piece was more troubling:

Carl DeMaio supports ENDA, pushes back against LGBT groups 

A gay candidate has to resist the opposition of gay rights groups, even though he supports key portions of the homosexual movement? This is confusing.

How about this statement?

Carl DeMaio insists he’s not the ogre that the Democratic Party and LGBT advocacy groups make him out to be.

Whatever happened to "Don't hate, appreciate"?

RuPaul was right: the "Gay Movement" does not have to worry about the enemies without. Homosexual activists from within are cratering their own agenda by attacking people with similar sexual preferences. Then again, consequences of their conduct may be hurting them, too.

Is this an extreme or an accurate statement on LGBT movement?

Perhaps no one should be surprised by these innate fascist tendency in the gay rights movement. LA Weekly published an extended column called "Gay Happiness", in which the reporter discovered that for many gays in West Hollywood, there isn't much:

Forty-three years after the Stonewall Riots in New York City, gay men still struggle with high rates of drug-, sex-, and alcohol-related problems — a situation that gay leaders are hesitant to discuss openly for fear that anti-gay factions will use these facts to promote the bigoted view that gay men are sick and disturbed.

What? Gay leaders want to suppress information about high rates of health problems among gay men?


Some have begun to argue that health experts, gay-rights leaders and gay individuals should take an unblinking look at their own contributions to gay men's health disparities.

How about this?

Sweet publicly expresses a view that, at least for now, is a no-no in the gay world: He's felt more pressure and more stress from people in the gay community in Southern California than he did in Kansas — among bigoted, organized-religion adherents.

Gays pressuring other gays to conform to certain behavioral norms?

Wow. The assertion that a fascist element exists within the homosexual lobby cannot be ignored.  I have already written at length about the anti-freedom agenda permeating the gay rights movement, which is not very gay at all. Gay Republican Carl DeMaio's painful and public demise in the press and political circles only exposes this disturbing, anti-liberty trend all the more.

Carl DeMaio: right-leaning candidate
Undone by the Gay Rights Movement

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