Sunday, November 9, 2014

Congressman Devin Nunes Has Big Plans

Devin NunesEarlier last week, I posted the following comments on conservative Republican Congressman Devin Nunes' Facebook page:

Hello, Congressman Nunes! Waiting for great reforms for California and the Country:
1. Repeal and replace Overturn Obamacare
2. Build Keystone
3. Reform our tax code -- end perverse corporate tax confiscation...

4. Secure border with 6,000+ troops and facilities
5. Reverse Executive Amnesty.
6. Abolish Export-Import Bank
National Right To Work Legislation
8. Abolish Department of Education (Expand Race to the Top)

The Republican Party has taken back the US Senate, by a wider than expected margin, and now they can force a clear agenda onto President Obama. The President must accept the defense position, since voters resoundingly rejected his administration.

Congressman Nunes distributed a comprehensive "Prosperity and Security Agenda" shortly before the November elections.

He details plans restoring the water supply in the state of California (a vital issue which has revitalized GOP ranks in the Central Valley), tax reform to return California and the United States to Tax Haven as opposed to Tax Hell, free market alternatives on health care, energy policy, national security, trade,, and spending.

Nunes also discusses the culture of corruption in Sacramento, and the steps needed to end it. Some of the points I posted on his page, he agreed with.

He provided a bold pamphlet of agenda items. Will Republicans in Washington adopt, adopt, or reject it?
Congressman Devin Nunes

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