Monday, November 10, 2014

Election 2014: The Biggest Losers

After plunging the depths of the GOP wins, state and federal, gubernatorial and legislative, for the Republican Party, I want to focus on the biggest losers on Election Day, 2014. Of course, the Democratic Party bottomed out this year. Their losses were staggering. They turnout was better than 2010, though not as great as 2012. So, all this talk about the non-voting two-thirds means nothing.

The Democratic Party (President Obama)

Not just the Democratic Party as a whole lost, but their future prospects are looking bleak. President Obama will face two years of humbling resistance from a diverse yet united Republican Congress. The Democratic Brand is in tatters. Democrats in the most successful of states, if successful is defined by implementation of progressive policies, will find that more people are fleeing than settling in those states. High taxes, outrageous regulations, spending deficits and unhinged debt, pandering to illegal immigrants while ignoring legal residents: blue states have gotten bluer, red states have gotten better, and everyone can tell the difference. Democratic socialist policies suck.


Hillary Clinton is toast. She was the inevitable Democratic Presidential nominee in 2008, and yet unexpectedly she lost, and by a not-so-compelling margin, to the leftist Illinois senator Barack Obama. After standing by her man (not Bill) for four years, then walking away with an unaccomplished record (aside from four deaths at Benghazi), Hillary Clinton has more baggage than George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992.

She is the Democratic Party's John McCain: the unenvied successor to the Presidential mantle for the party, the standard-bearer who will have to defend the Last Eight Years, including her first four failed years as Secretary of State. The Middle East is burning, Europe is churning, and the world at large (including the United States) is yearning for leadership to thwart evil and affirm life and liberty.

Whatever Hillary touches, she will have to distinguish herself from eight years of Barack Obama. He promised hope and change, delivered neither, but the left-wing base still longs for what was promised, still unfulfilled. No matter what Hillary promises, she will have to acknowledge her predecessor's numerous failures. She will have to defend the indefensible for months, all while bitter partisans more liberal than she tear her record down.

Hillary Clinton will likely not run for President in 2016.

Democratic Presidential Prospects 2016

Democrats will have a hard time fielding anyone for 2016. Have we not read this script before? Indeed. Republican Presidential prospects were weak in 2008 and even more in 2012. Nationally recognized politicians were implicated, tainted, or limited by George W. Bush because of his deep, polarizing unpopularity (Iraq, Katrina, rising debt and spending). Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels turned down a campaign in part because of his prior position as Bush 43's budget director.

Is there a deep bench of Democratic candidate ready for Presidential prime time? Among the US Senators, not many. Five of them lost (or will lose) reelection this year, and of those who got elected in 2012, they do inspire confidence or consensus. Claire McCaskill of Missouri? This lady only won because of mainstream media obsession with remarks about the right of unborn children to live, regardless of their conception. The nation has since become more pro-life than before, and McCaskill's claim to national fame includes raucous town halls where constituents shouted their distrust. Elizabeth Warren? Definitely. Yet she is unapologetically progressive, socialist to the brink of stupidity. She would be a female George McGovern or Walter Mondale, turning off gun-rack and conservative Democrats, plus the millions of jobless millenials mugged by hunger pangs and weak employment prospects. Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland? A Republican just replaced him, a rebuke the Democratic Political machine in deep blue Maryland. Perhaps Pat Quinn of Illinois? He lost reelection in deeply Democratic Land of Lincoln. Governor Brown of California? Perhaps, but he is the quintessence of Old White Male, everything which the Democratic Party has tried not to be.

While Republican candidates have learned to speak their minds without shooting themselves in the foot, the Democrats have spoken, shooting themselves and their future partisans for years to come.
Big Media

President Obama had no resume, no record, nothing. A small-time US Senator from a big-time state of corruption, he coasted on anti-war, anti-Bush sentiment to take down a decorated war veteran. How did he do it? The Mainstream Media (with king-maker Oprah Winfrey) held his juvenile hand all the way to Convention Day. The first African-American general election candidate, the son of a broken home, a global student, an intellectual, married to another one, connected with one of the most deeply entrenched (and sclerotic) political machines in the country, Barack Obama carried all the network novelty that the Big Three (CBS, NBC, ABC) were craving.

Their desires ate them from within. President Obama was one of the least transparent administrations in modern history. With an enemies list and a reckless Department of Justice, Obama marginalized or terrified journalists. Bob Woodward was stabbed in the back by his liberal media cohorts when he exposed the President's failed attempts to blame the sequester on Republicans. Associated Press reporters learned, to their chagrin, that the Department of Justice had seized their phone records.

Aside from direct assaults on their integrity and purity, Big Media's complicit silence on Obama's growing list of scandals delegitimized its role in American culture, and diminished its relevance. A new media composed of upstart websites, independent bloggers, and the far-reaching influence of sites like Breitbart,, Hot Air, and others have challenged the lie of an unbiased reporting apparatus. Aside from Fox News, cable networks and news programs are tanking in the ratings, losing key demographics.

Big Labor

Labor unions are losing membership as businesses flee the country, or employers reject unionization. The remain viable collective bargaining units, public sector unions, suffered two huge blows to their hegemony in two state gubernatorial races: Wisconsin and Michigan. Incumbent Scott Walker survived his third election in four years, humiliating Big Labor's latest desperate attempt to remove the leaders who curbed their undue political influence. Incumbent Rick Snyder survived his own reelection bid, which will let stand his right-to-work reforms, both pro-worker and pro-economic growth. Other states can learn from their examples to enact union reforms, save their bankrupting states, and end the easy money which labor unions have unfairly taken from their members.

Homosexual Lobby

Gay marriage has peaked as a talking point in 2014. The negative consequences of redefining a fundamental institution of society has generated the necessary backlash for pro-family, pro-life, conservative, religious interests. The legal machinations of the openly gay mayor of Houston, who attempted to seize Houston pastors' notes and sermons, followed by the unwarranted interventions of the Supreme Court against popular statewide initiatives, have soured the Homosexual Lobby's false narrative of seeking tolerance in an intolerant world of uncaring, misguided straight people. Three gay Republicans ran for Congress, and failed to capture the nomination or win the seat. Pro-life and pro-marriage groups are rearing up to push back against the bullying from the Gay Left over gay rights, and the latest round of conservative candidates now elected representatives solidifies this resolve.
Gun Control Advocates

Nanny State Michael Bloomberg spent millions on gun-control candidates, and they all lost. The Democratic Party shot at the wrong adversary when targeting the NRA and gun owners, many of whom prize self-preservation and government opposition over political affiliation. Pro-Second Amendment Democrats across the country were replaced by pro-gun Republicans because the party platform and spokesman, Barack Obama, took a wedge issue, gun violence, and attempted to remove the firearms piece by piece from law-abiding gun owners. How quickly liberals forget: it was The Shot Heard  Round the World which gave ignited the rebellion, which birthed a new nation, conceived in liberty, dedicated to equality of all men.

Progressive bigots claim Eric Cantor lost because he's Jewish

Establishment (DC) Republicans

Amnesty was the biggest issue on Big Government, Washington-based Republicans' minds in 2013 and 2014. They failed to introduce the mass legalization of illegal aliens on American soil. Their attempts to crush Tea Party protest and opposition were more successful, but not because of their efforts. Aside from the innate momentum of incumbency, a number of Washington-minded politicians would have never survived this political season. Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his seat, for arrogance and insouciance to his constituents' needs. Ignoring the base is no longer an option for federalized Republicans.

The Biggest Losers in 2014 all opposed the Constitution, the proper domains of the state, the necessary checks and balances on political power. They were soundly rebuked, and resoundingly rejected.

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