Sunday, November 2, 2014

I Welcome a (Divided) GOP Congress

Immigration activists are concerned that a strong GOP conference in Congress post 2014 will create the perfect setup to pass amnesty.

I do not believe that.

Fiscal conservatives, disgusted with the Bush Administration spending spree, are worried that a united GOP Congress will lead to more of the same.

I am not concerned about that.

First of all, Tea Party affiliated US Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee will stand their ground against wasteful, pro-K Street, anti-Main Street policies. If nothing else, the deep-rooted ambitions of these men (Presidential and professional) are too strong for them to cave to pressure.

They got elected precisely because of the Tea Party movement. The constituent service is to stand their ground against DC.

Ben Saase

Then there's the new US Senate recruits like Ben Sasse of Nebraska, the conservative Republican to win the primary and take the seat. I doubt that Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia will sign onto amnesty, since many of her constituents are poor and working-class individuals.

Shelley Moore Capito

Let us not forget that one of the most influential men in the US Senate is not the upstart Tea Party legislators, but an aged statesman from Alabama, "junior" senator Jeff Sessions. He has spoken more hours on they floor than Ted Cruz. He has rallied conservative media and House votes against amnesty and wasteful spending. Phyllis Schlafly suggested that Sessions should run for President because of his staunch opposition to President Obama's executive lawlessness.

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions will have majority influence in 2015. Keep an eye on him.

Furthermore, in the House there will be a larger GOP resistance Obama, who is the poster boy for immoral amnesty. There will be fewer Democrats to push around, and Boehner will either have to play along, or get out of the game entirely.

The illegal immigrant youth crisis killed off Majority Leader Cantor's political ambitions, and David Brat is going to win the seat. His very presence in the House will send a signal to incumbents: you are not as safe as you think.

I am not worried about any kind of amnesty at this point. I am not worried about Big Government forces having a big influence once against in Washington.

The GOP is dealing with a healthy division of Tea Party stalwarts and establishment types, and the establishment is dwindling.

Tea Party candidates have the upper hand in this Congress, and this distinction will put down the bad policies of GOP Congresses past.

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