Thursday, November 27, 2014

Common-Sense Consensus Reforms for CA GOP

California Republican Party
While there are diverse factions on the subject of life, marriage, gun ownership, and the environment the truth is that Republicans in California can facilitate free markets, free enterprise, free people, limited government, and local control focusing on key common sense reforms.


This subject is a heated topic, and there are concerns that party leaders want to water down the platform. Now more than ever we should stand up for every life, and send the message to all Californians. Pro-choice elements within the GOP have their reasons for believing that abortion should remain a decision between the mother and the doctor.

No matter where one defines the beginning of life, and the proper domains of viability in the womb, Republicans, conservatives, libertarians all agree that abortions should not be tax-payer funded. Furthermore, the growing consensus among young voters and throughout the country, among men and women, is to forbid partial birth abortions. Loosening regulations to ease charities


The advent of gay marriage had divided Democrats and Republicans across the country. Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich could not believe how quickly consensus on the issue had taken place. The consequences of gay marriage by legislation or court order, however, carry weighty implications which states, charities, and local businesses have had to take into account. Men and women of conscience who do not recognize gay marriage feel that their First Amendment rights are violated if forced to provide a service to a gay couple. Discussion in protecting proprietary rights of individual businesses, churches, and charities is essential. If live and let live are the order of the day, then this expectation falls on advocates of gay marriage as well as those who recognize the true status of marriage between one man and one woman.

Second Amendment

Gun control is bad policy. Statistics, historical accounts, and current research bear out the long-term societal consequences of restricting gun ownership to competent, law-abiding citizens. The latest court ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals should force liberal state lawmakers to accept that the right to concealed-carry should not be abridged simply because an applicant does not indicate a compelling reason.


Cap and Trade is a broken reform which environmental activists have rejected. The evidence simply does not exist to justify comprehensive government intervention into carbon reduction. Instead of accommodating the argument, Republicans need to stand their ground on the facts. Republican candidates should expose the hypocrisy of liberals who demand that everyone else reduce their carbon footprint, yet they drive large cars and waste tons of otherwise recyclable materials.


This issue connects with environmental concerns. Instead of investing in water storage tanks outside of the Bay Area, local authority in conjunction with private investment can bring down the costs of infrastructure and resources.


The roads in California are terrible, whether the freeways or the paved roads. The bureaucratic entanglements which increase costs without improving the pavement of our roads must be investigate and reduced.


School choice should be on the lips of every Republican candidate running for office, whether locally or statewide. Africa-American voters care about a good education, and they demand the opportunity for their kids to go to the best school without waiting for the creeping reforms which never change anything.


40% of California Republicans are members of a union, and they support worker associations for their peers. Republicans do not have to promote right-to-work, but paycheck protection is a must. It is immoral as well as dysfunction to compel individuals to join a union, then force them to sit and watch their union leaders spend the money on candidates and causes without the individual employee's permission. Paycheck protection and recertification should be a top priority for Republicans, whether through the legislative process or through the court system. Strikes among public sector workers must be outlawed, as well.


This topic has divided Republican voters from party leaders nationally as well as locally. There is no free society without a clearly defended border. Anyone who has been a victim of a crime should demand law enforcement along the Southern Border. Hispanic-Americans do not favor amnesty, no matter what the Democratic Party may claim. A secure border, welfare reform, and citizenship as a requirement to enroll in a public school must be top priorities for the California GOP.


Regardless of Governor Jerry Brown's affirmations that they have balanced the budget and provided more funding for pension liabilities, the wall of debt is standing tall, and is eating up city, county, and state resources which could go toward paying down long-term debt, fixing our roads, and paying our teachers a better wage. Rules on the number of pensions (one) which employees can earn, coupled with higher required investments, are a must. No Republican would disagree on these concerns.


Despite the lack of agreement on key issues, fiscal discipline and legislative scrutiny can assure that the guiding principles which unite Republicans can enable them to work together on commonsense reforms to create consensus and ensure long-standing recovery in the Golden State.


  1. That's a smart list, and as you label it, common sense. Let's hope all our elected representatives have it.

  2. From Canada Free Press:

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    It seems to me it's time for a rousing rendition of Liza Doolittle's message "the plain in Spain is mainly under the rain" (I know the order), the message psychologically called the Pygmalion Effect, or as the book of wisdom says, "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." All that parades the pages anymore is 'America is gone, we are all CommieReds without any dreads'? So I don't spend much time reading articles anymore since they've all apparently fallen into the same rut, singing the same-ole same-oh! O, ye of little faith? Seems the favorite Christmas carol now is 'O Come all ye faithLESS'. ??? You control yourself (somewhat) and the collective energy of those thoughts are apparently coming to fruition. Yeah, the UN Agenda 21's GLOB-al warming sure is acting up these days, huh?