Saturday, November 15, 2014

Maxine Waters: Poverty Pimp

A telling, controversial poster popped up all over Hancock and South Los Angeles days before Election 2014.

It depicts Congresswoman Maxine Waters with red dollar signs in her eyes, bordered by large titles labeled: "Poverty Pimp". Covering the background , the phrase "N*gg*s Better Have My Money!" is repeated at length. For clarification, a "poverty pimp" is an individual who claims to help poor people, yet benefits from their impoverished state at the same time.

Civil rights leaders are demanding an investigation into these posters, but the anonymous artists remains unknown.

Maybe black voters finally realizing that Maxine Waters is all talk and no walk when it comes to the best interests of her African-American constituents. Despite more than twenty-years of Waters in Congress, the South Los Angeles and upper South Bay regions of LA County have seen no economic improvement. Crime and poverty are the norm rather than the exception, and the 2008 Housing Crisis caused by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

President Obama's lawless executive actions on amnesty hurt poor, working class Americans, as well as minority voters such as African Americans. Despite town halls where voters have aired their grievances with this president, including the Congresswoman herself, she still stands by the President and his offensive policies.

Even when she was bold and brash at an Inglewood job fair in 2011, where she shouted "The Tea Party can go straight to hell!", little followed that would actually help her constituents.

No one should be surprised to see these posters all over her district:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters: Poverty Pimp
Where is she when blacks in South Los Angeles see their employment opportunities going to hell, too?

One aspect of the first report, from GotItNews points out that the Congresswoman still lives outside of her district, in upscale Hancock Park..

Here's a picture of her home:

Queen Maxine's Mansion

It would seem that she lives off the poverty she claims to fight.

Still, LA Civil Rights activists expressed their disdain for these posters, including Earl Ofari Hutchinson:

We’re highly offended, we’re disgusted by it. We hope this is not the start of something that we’ll continue to see not only in politics, but beyond in Southern California."

When will black leaders start voicing outrage with a President who is enabling millions of illegal immigrants to compete for American jobs? When will these leaders get angry with a  President who has done nothing to further black Americans educational and employment opportunities? They should definitely be angry with a  President who enrolls his children in the best private schools in Washington DC, but forbids black parents to choose the best schools for their children.

President Obama remains in power because of the white vote, not the black vote, so no one should be surprised that he routinely disdains their concerns. Maxine Waters has retained her seat largely from a depressed voting electorate which has gone along with the Democratic lies of rich, white Republicans seeking to re-enslave black voters and keep them poor. Yet poverty has not left the district, and the region is as cracked-out as ever.

Local reporters have shared their disgust with Waters, whom they consider a complete phony, dramatized to controversial perfection in the "Poverty Pimp" posters above. Despite the latest challenge to her seat from young Republican John Wood, the South LA representative still commands a 70% vote in general elections. What will it take for residents in those run-down sections of LA to get rid of this pimp and start making it into the good life once again?

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