Saturday, November 22, 2014

Will Charlie Munger Jr. Help James Spencer?

Charlie Munger, Jr. is heavily invested in Republican assembly, state senate, and sometimes Congressional races. California Watch rates the Silicon Valley political activist #3 in terms of influence and financing in Golden State politics. According to their report, up to 2011, he has enjoyed a 99% success rate with his funding: better than the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker.

Charlie Munger, Jr.

When candidates get Munger money, then know that someone important is fighting for them.

I have read negative concerns regarding his overindulgence in Republican vs. Republican contests. He also took heat from the left for opposing Governor Brown's Prop 30 and promoting union restrictions in Prop 32. Other voices have suggested that he has the right idea, his heart is in the right place, but he is taking bad advice, which includes supporting candidates and causes to moderate, or water down the party platform.

In the next two weeks, Munger can dispel these rumors. On December 9th, the Secretary of State has called for a special election to replace convicted felon Roderick Wright in the 35th State Senate District.

Of the four candidates running for office, including incumbent Democrat Isadore Hall (D-Compton), there is only one Republican: James Spencer.

A candidate who ran for office in 2004, Spencer threw his hat in the rang this time, standing on a platform of good schools through choice, and economic growth through opportunities and private investment. He defends the United States Constitution, conservative on social and fiscal issues.

The Republican Party needs rebranding, outreach, and stronger ground game in otherwise heavily Democratic regions, like South Los Angeles and the Harbor region, two major sections of the 3th State Senate District.

While the likelihood of a Republican upset seems quite unlikely in this district (Democratic registration 61% vs. 19% GOP), the shifting ideological demographics may afford a Republican candidate the opportunity to capitalize on the Democratic Party's routine failures to deliver more jobs, better schools, and safer streets to black communities in the region. Spencer shared all these points with me an interview, and will take this message to the senate district with the little time remaining.

James Spencer

Another website,, was less optimistic about Spencer's chances:

And on Dec. 9, an election will be held to replace Democratic state Sen. Rod Wright in Senate District 35. He resigned after being convicted in a corruption scandal. If necessary, a Feb. 10, 2015 runoff will be held. According to Ballotpedia, “Louis L. Dominguez (D), Isadore Hall, III (D), Hector Serrano (D) and James Spencer (R) will face off.” As Wright got 76.5 percent of the vote to 23.5 percent for Republican Charlotte A. Svolos in the 2012 election, one of the Democrats is almost assured of victory, meaning this race also won’t change the party makeup of the Senate.

However, there is nothing wrong with vetting the area with a strong candidate. The President's executive amnesty is provoking outrage with black South LA residents, and the Democratic Party's descent into social illiberalism (gay marriage, abortion on demand, resistance to school choice) has only alienated black voters, giving the otherwise loyal voting bloc more reasons to feel taken for granted, and thus being taken.

Charlie Munger, Jr. along and the California Republican Party has a chance to make stronger inroads into otherwise distanced communities. Munger's infusion of independent expenditure cash could help lingering Republican operations in the region gain strength and step off into future contests local as well as district-wide.

Will Munger take advantage of this opportunity? At the very least, he should.

State Senate District 35

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