Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Schaper's Agenda for Assm. David Hadley

Assemblyman David Hadley:

I am taking a (very) small risk at this point preparing a blog post about your election to the 66th Assembly District. The latest tally from the LA Registrar and the Secretary of State claim that your lead over Assemblyman Muratsuchi has diminished to 1,069 votes. I do not believe that former Assemblyman Muratsuchi's tally will surpass yours.

Not a chance. Welcome to the state assembly, David!

Now, I have a list of goals which I hope that you pursue as soon as possible. The legislative calendar tends to be all too brief in the state capital (January to April), and Democrats are looking for as many poison bills as they can to divide Republicans and gain back seats which they lost in 2014, including yours.

1. Education: Assist Gardena and Lomita to have their own school districts, apart from Los Angeles Unified. I do not need to remind you or itemize the benefits of this legislation all around, yet they are worth repeating: local control, community accountable, high property values. Consider reaching out to the 35th State Senate District special election candidates. Roderick Wright did wrong, and now he is long gone. Whoever wins that seat, you will need their help to pass any legislation aiding Gardena and Lomita's break away from LAUSD. You can also contact Senate Minority leader Bob Huff, who tried to pass a statewide school choice reform. Also connecting with education, please renegotiate the Local Control Funding Formula with your new GOP peers as well as Democratic/Republican incumbents. Why should South Bay schools receive such impoverished funding just because the surrounding areas are wealthier and the students excel at their studies?

2. Pension reform is a necessity, and union dominance overwhelms Sacramento. Pursue/introduce lobbyist reforms, like term-limits for union advocates in the state legislature. Why not at least introduce a right-to-work bill, even if it has no chance of passage out of committee?

3. Introduce legislation which will permit the voters of the state of California to affirm or reject drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. Oregon voters rejected this measure two-to-one this year, even though they reelected the same Democratic delegation to the US Senate, Congress, and the governor's mansion.

4. Sponsor a meet-and-greet with the South Bay law enforcement chiefs. While Muratsuchi just took the word of LAPD chief Charlie Beck about crime, safety, immigration, why not invite the opinion of police chiefs in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Gardena, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula to share their concerns with you?

5. We need welfare reform in the state of California, in Los Angeles county. Congressman Kevin McCarthy's office informed me that all welfare issues are handled at the state level. A good photo op/partnership on welfare reform would include LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, the only renowned countywide (if not statewide) opponent of expanded taxpayer-funded subsidies in the Los Angeles area.

6. One of your campaign pledges was to introduce a measure to require parental notification before a pregnant minor seeks an abortion. Life matters, so let the legislature know it.

7.  Gay marriage is currently recognized by judicial fiat in the state of California. At this time, individual businesses and churches are at risk for legal reprisal if proprietors do not cater to requests from gay/lesbian couples. Push whatever measures are necessary to protect the proprietary rights of business owners, charities, and religious establishments who do not approve nor wish to recognize gay marriage.

8. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal just approved an expedited process for California residents to apply and obtain concealed-carry handgun licenses. Support the enforcement and submission of all counties, especially Los Angeles County, to abide by this ruling and permit all law-abiding citizens who seek permits to be able to apply for them.

9. What  measures can the current legislature take to stall or limit the negative effects of Cap and Trade taxation? Investigate these possibilities and implement them with you conservative colleagues.

10. Press for increased funding for security along the California/Mexico border. Every legislator possesses the bully pulpit, and demanding enforcement as opposed to accommodation on our nation's immigration laws is essential for preserving the South Bay quality of life.

I am certain that the demands are already flooding your office and your soon-to-be established capitol delegation. Nevertheless, these concerns cannot be overlooked, and I hope that you stump for these issues as soon as possible.

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