Thursday, November 6, 2014

Election Night 2014: Progressives Repudiated

What a difference two years make in a nation. Election 2014, oh what a night!

After six years of unmitigated progressive policies under the Obama Administration, the true believers who drank the Kool-Aid are puking it out and voting for life and liberty. The people who knew the truth all along, conservatives like me and Republicans in general, knew the fraudulent Obama Administration would crater under its self-aggrandizing incompetence. President Obama has done worse to his brand than President Bush ever could do the Republican Party. (By the way, more recent reports prove that Hussein had WMD. Ed Kaufman’s props for my editorial were well-received!)

Pro-life candidates won decisively. Second Amendment supports pushed back against billionaire campaign dollars. Farmers, manufacturers, businessmen and women, working people in Main Street shouted “Enough!” and cast out liberal elitist politicians out of office in large numbers.

The mainstream media and alternative papers like Random Lengths News keep claiming “So many lies, so little time”, (the refrain which Paul Rosenberg routine resorts to), but the truth remains: Americans want their health care, schools, opportunities, their country back! They won’t be bought, nor let the political process be taken from them. They are tired of the statist status quo of Woodrow Wilson, Lyndon Johnson, and Barack Obama.

For the record, progress is not defined by government invasion of health care, forcing kids to go to bad schools, redefining marriage, expanding abortion on demand, grabbing people’s guns, restricting energy exploration, enabling illegal immigration, disparaging our international allies while emboldening our enemies, silencing political dissent, forcing union membership, or disparaging faith and family in the name of a hollow vision of societal perfection.

Progress is a limited government based on constitutional rule, which respects individual liberty and national sovereignty over collective conformity and global equality. Progress is a federal government which protects our rights and secures our borders, then respect all other rights and grants all other responsibilities to the states and the people: all those values that the Constitution mandates, which the Tea Party Movement espoused, which progressives seem to disdain or despise.

The 2014 election results were not just a shellacking, they were an ass-whooping for President Obama, the Democratic Party, and progressives in general. Finally, the black and Asian vote is tilting Republican.

By the way, a Republican unseated a Democrat for the South Bay Assembly seat! So much for the Harbor Area getting bluer. . .

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