Saturday, November 11, 2017

Where Do I Stand on AG Sessions?

For the past two months, I have heard growing recriminations about Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The arguments go that he has not done enough, or that he is a member of the Deep State working against President Trump. Other voices, especially the activists fighting against illegal immigration, have shared mixed concerns about Sessions.

For me, my biggest interest was a stern enforcer who would enforce our immigration laws. For greater intents and purposes, I had believed he was doing so.

On the other hand, there are growing voices of concern that see him abandoning his post or not doing enough.

Ben Garrison's cartoon is the most emphatic:

So, I sent out the following question to my fellow Trump supporters:

I am receiving diverse points of view regarding AG Jeff Sessions.

I have supported him because my primary interest has always been cracking down on and ending illegal immigration, securing our country's sovereignty, and ending the rampant disregard for federal law among states and local jurisdictions.

There are other strong views which demand his removal because he is not prosecuting Hillary Clinton, because he recused himself from the Russia probe (whatever). Others are outraged because he has not filed lawsuits against social media giants YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc.

So I will open up this question to anyone who is reading or passing by:

Should AG Jeff Sessions resign? Yes or no, and why?

If he should resign, who should replace him?

Here are some of the responses I received:

Paul Mann Sessions allowed himself to be neutered during the confirmation process. To be confirmed, Sessions found himself all but promising NOT to be the President's AG but to be totally independent of and removed from the wishes of President Trump (like Holder & Lynch were with Obama?). Then demoRATS AGAIN intimidate him, GROUNDLESS, over the phony RUSSIA COLLUSION red herring. In mortal fear, Sessions recuses himself from anything relating to what was an attempt coup d'tat of HIS BOSS - leaving the President essentially ALONE to defend himself AND MAGA. I could say much more but what I said and his continuing CEREMONIAL, DO NOTHING role in the midst of a corruption STORM is enough for me. 🤐
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November 3 at 5:45pm

Betts Plomo Sessions needs to step up or step down. Trey would be the best but dont waste your time. He already said if he took that position he would be divorced. Unless he changes his mind.
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November 3 at 5:56pm

There were positive remarks, too:

Janet Klomburg Sean Hannity just announced that Sessions has not recused himself from the uranium one deal!!!

Bob Howard Trump must see SOMETHING in Sessions or he would BBQ him on Twitter, wouldn't he??

Marci Lawrence ❤️ SESSIONS!! I honestly believe he has something up his sleeve, but no one else seems to think that. ☹️

So, are we seeing an Attorney General engaging in 3-D Chess to outsmart the evil Deep State?

Here is another key response from Twitter in Sessions' favor:
Then again, anything is possible.

I have heard reports from enforcement activists in Washington DC, who are good friend with the Attorney General, and therefore do not want to differ with him or criticize him publicly. However, they do share deep disappointment that Sessions has not been an aggressive, zealous attorney general dealing with massive eruptions of corruption exposed to the public. They are frustrated, too, because unless Congress gets its act together and starts passing substantive legislation to enact President Trump's agenda, Republicans could lose control of the House, thus furthering impeding President Trump's legislative goals.

And ours.

AG Sessions has more work to do than just go after illegal immigration, and we need more than lip service and press conferences. I understand that he was a key force in ensuring that President Trump ended DACA and implemented key enforcement of our immigration laws.

I recognize that the has not recused himself on the Uranium One deal between Hillary Clinton and the Russian government.

But he needs to start showing some real muscle. He can multi-task and go after multiple crimes. Illegal immigration is not the only issue he should be tackling. The Podesta Brothers lobbying firm is losing staff and standing in the public eye. The Democratic Party is turning on their Presidential  nominee, and they in turn are turning on each other within the party.

If even they are outraged by the level of corruption and collusion during the Democratic primary, Sessions should be getting busy investigating this malfeasance, too.

Sessions needs to get busy, or he needs get lost. For my part, I will give him until the end of the year. If there is no militant action on taking on the Crooked Hillary political machine, and if there is no action against the corrupt leakers and James Comey's involvement in the Hillary Clinton campaign, then he needs to go.

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  1. I believe Sessions needs to step up...he needs to call for investigation into the FBI..the trump dossier,what do we really know about the DNC hack since they refused to hand over the server,the entanglement of Mueller and Rosenstein that should prevent them from doing anything further in this investigation,uranium one...there are so many scandals now and he is just sitting in his rocking chair on the front porch