Saturday, November 11, 2017

Senator Ted Cruz: Prosecute Criminals, Not Law-Abiding Citizens on Gun Control


US Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) comments on the disastrous gun massacre in a Houston church.

It was unmistakable that these actions were just plain evil.

Cruz points out, however, that the murderer had a prior domestic violence convention, and yet nothing was reported to the necessary databases.

Furthemore, the shooter lied on forms in order to get the guns to kill 26 peaceful churchgoing members.

He and Senator Chuck Grassley worked on legislation to mandate that federal military agencies report all crimes to NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Cruz brings up a more indelible reality about crimes and law enforcement.

Criminals do not care about gun laws. They have no interest in reporting the truth about their actions and their past when seeking firearms. All the laws in the world will not protect people from deranged, wily creeps who get their hands on guns to kill.

Yes, enforcement of the gun laws matter, and more laws will not ensure more enforcement.

What we need to do is protect and enhance the rights of individual citizens to own their firearms and protect themselves in the case of violent actors.

To his credit, Cruz reminded the Fox News anchor that the Obama Administration never prosecuted gun crimes with strong assiduousness. He was responsible for providing and collecting accurate records on potential assailants to the right agencies. Jeff Sessions talked about this problem at length, too.

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