Thursday, November 2, 2017

Reminder: Huntington Park Police STILL Won't File My Arrest with DA

Sorry, everyone.

I have had a lot going on for the last few weeks.

Good things have turned into better, and so much winning has been taking place, that it's hard to keep up.

All the Establishment RINOs are running away, more college students are hearing the truth about President Trump, conservatism, and the new populist resurgence within the Republican Party.

And there is winning for me, the guy who got arrested for Trumped up charges in Huntington Park on June 6th, 2017.

I attended my first court appearance on September 6---and guess what? My name was not on the criminal calendar at all!

I confronted the HP Chief of Police Cosme Lozano, aka Cosme the Clown:

As you see in the video, he wasn't really interested in talking to me.

This is why we call him Cosme the Clown!

I tried to get an answer from him a second time, and he just ran into the city council chamber's executive room:

Of course, I had received a "notice of correction" and the court date was changed to October 23.

I went to the court, and guess what AGAIN? My name was not on the calendar!

So, this is what the Huntington Park police did to me on June 6th, 2017:

Then I let them have it for their hateful, unjust conduct on June 20th, 2017:

Then we caught them picking and choosing who would got ruled out of order--while ignoring others who were shouting out:

Everyone, this is ridiculous!

The lawlessness overwhelming the Huntington Park City Council has to be exposed.

I get arrested for doing nothing, and then the city council routinely hammers law-abiding citizens, then they ignore those who disrupt the meeting!

Of course the Huntington Park police department does not want to file the arrest paperwork with the DA's office!

Oh, and by the way ... I received aother notice of correction. The next court date is December 4th. Funny stuff!

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