Sunday, November 5, 2017

"Hate Speech!" YouTube Shuts Down LA Trump Rally Video (Please File Complaints!)

This is a total joke.

It's official: YouTube has some fascist, anti-Free Speech hatemongers running the show.

This is beyond ridiculous.

I had already posted my first video of the November 4, 2017 rally of us Trump supporters celebrating his victory.

Here is the first video, I which I featured all of us getting ready for the day's events:

This video shows the basic preparation for our team.

We connected with our leader, Antonio Foreman, to ensure that everyone paid attention and followed directions. The last thing that anyone wants is for someone to get left behind, lost, and then jumped by anti-Trump thugs.

Then I set up the next video, which featured our team protesting and then marching through Downtown Los Angeles.

This video is exciting, and there are lots of great people doing great things.

We are breaking the false narrative about Donald Trump and Trump supporters in blue states and in deep blue cities!

Yet what happened to the video?

It was taken down by YouTube!


Check out the "Missing Video" here:

Here are the notices that I received about this video:

Hate speech?


There was no hate speech--because hate speech DOES NOT EXIST!

This is criminal behavior on YouTube's part, or at least these are civil wrongs which must be confronted head on. This is outrageous.

It's time for all of us to step up and demand that our rights be recognized!

Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are all part of the public space, the public sphere.

It is wrong, absolutely wrong for these companies to infringe on the rights of private citizens expressing their views in public.

Especially this half-baked, perverse standard of "Hate Speech". Really?

This is a total joke!

Hate speech does not exist!

Check out Steve Crowder's take on this very thorny issue:

Now, there is hope!

Check out what this friend did for me!

Other people have been more emphatic with YouTube:

Here's how to send in Feedback:

This cannot stand, man!

We cannot allow YouTube to just keep shutting down videos and content that they do not like!

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