Saturday, November 4, 2017

Appeal the Gas Station for Downtown Torrance--November 14, 2017

November 14, 2017
Torrance City Council Chambers
Please come and let your voice be heard.

In September, the Torrance Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit for the largest gas station / convenience store ever in Torrance.
A group of residents have appealed the approval of the CUP. This gas station is on intersections with no signals... It would be the only gas station in Torrance that is not on a signaled corner. There are many reasons to oppose this project. If any one or more of the reasons below concern you, please write to the mayor and council and come to the appeal on the 14th. These five properties that will be merged into one are commercially zoned... they are NOT zoned for a gas station. This is why the Conditional Use Permit is necessary. This station will be breaking the Torrance Municipal Code at 8 points in the CUP exceptions section.
Reasons to Oppose:
+20% of Gramercy's 100% used street parking will be given to this project and taken from the residents and other businesses.
+25% of Andreo's 100% used street parking will be given to this project and taken from the residents and other businesses.
+They will have 2000-7000 customers per day, 365 days per year on a narrow part of Carson Street, butting up to two of the smallest streets in Torrance.
+This would be the only gas station in the area of Old Torrance that is underserved by the fire station when a train is crossing. On average, 1 in 13 gas stations has a fire each year.
+This is an historic area. A gateway into Torrance.
+Property values will drop on many homes.
+They will sell the lowest grade of gasoline in existence in the US.
+The trash tr
Gas stations and crime
uck will not be able to make it's turns. It will have to back-up an entire block down a narrow alley.

+Crime increases at gas stations.
+Crime increases at convenience stores.
+Crime especially increases at gas station / convenience store combos.
+Homes within 300' will be uninsurable by the government.
+Homes within 100' will be exposed to carcinogens, VOCs and particulates. Many cities recommend 300' distance from homes to gas stations.
+There will be more congestion at these intersections.
+The fuel trucks will make an awkward left turn from Carson onto Andreo blocking all lanes and then a quick right into the station while part of it continues to hang into Carson Street.
+Several car manufacturers will no longer be making gasoline cars in the next few years, so this is not a forward thinking project.
+This area is already at its recommended limit for alcohol licenses.
+This alcohol licence will be right next to ALANON, several recovery homes and schools.
+There will be considerable light pollution.
+There will be considerable noise pollution.
+There will be added air pollution from the pumping of gas, the idling of cars, the starting and stopping of cars, etc.
+The building style does not fit the style of the neighborhood.
+9 beautiful palm trees will be removed.
+There are 9 gas stations in under one mile
+They are merging five lots to do this project.
+Gas stations are not the future. The municipal code asks us to look at the future.
+Tanks always leak into the ground water. Removal of tanks in the future costs millions of dollars.
+There are very few breaks in the traffic per hour to allow hundreds of cars to make a left hand turn as they exit the station area from Gramercy or Andreo.

These are just a few of the reasons to protest. You may not care about all of them, but remember, we have a PLANNING Commission. It's for planning. The best cities are well planned. The city does not have to approve this. It is within their legal standing to deny the CUP (as the city attorney confirmed with us). Let's put some great businesses on this property! Businesses that are not redundant, but would benefit the city and it's residents. Hope to see you on November 14 at 7.

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