Sunday, November 18, 2012

Will Ted Lieu Drive me to work?

The Democrats have achieved their supermajority in Sacramento, and now they are getting comfortable with being in the driver’s seat. They should be careful what they wish for before they get into gear and clutch more of our tax dollars for their spending sprees. I doubt that they will repeal Prop 13, lest they drive every able-bodied and working voter out of the state, but they have failed time and again to drive home any other message but more taxes, spending, and regulatory burdens, putting more workers out on the street.
On another note about driving and voters, Senator Lieu seems driven not only to micromanage our lives with microchipping pets, or protecting shark fins, or keeping teenagers out of tanning salons. Now Senator Lieu wants to triple our car registration fees.

Why doesn't Senator Lieu quadruple or quintuple the tax? With a supermajority driving the state over the fiscal cliff, perhaps it’s all power forward that Lieu raises the car tax and gets more people off the road. Governor Brown just signed into law legislation that would permit self-driving cars on California roads, and that bullet train is still going nowhere fast. Perhaps Senator Lieu is planning on driving me and the rest of his constituents wherever we want to go. More specifically, perhaps he would like to drive the voters in his senate district to work. Then again, with all of these tax hikes and regulatory burdens, driving to work is a moot point for most people, since there are fewer jobs to drive to.
I hope you get what I’m driving at, Senator Lieu. Stop driving California into bankruptcy. Stop driving voters to distraction with legislation that is veering this state off the road of fiscal recovery. No more tax hikes.

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