Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Elephant not in the Room" - What about the "Jack-Ass" Entitlement Mentality?

Jack Neworth neglected to point out "The Jack-Ass in the Middle of the Room": the stubborn entitlement mentality enabled by the political class which discourages the individual citizen and the economy from recovering.

Granted, the GOP should broaden their tent following their poor showing in 2012. However, social liberal/fiscal conservatives like Gary DeLong and Bill Bloomfield lost by six points in their respective Congressional races. They pointed out that The "Jack-Ass" cannot be ignored forever. Their fiscal message was right on.

Certainly, the GOP must remove the distracting message of social views, many of which should never have been settled at the federal level by the Courts or the Congress. Still, their fiscal message is not too popular, even though this country cannot continue on the stubborn road of spending money we do not have. Money does not grow on trees, and fiat wealth frittered out of the Fed will not end the deficit-spending spree or create any real wealth.

It's all well and good to complain about President Bush's failed policies. However, let's not forget that President Obama extended Bush's policies of deficit spending with an ongoing military presence in Afghanistan and the world. Our entitlements are still losing their funding. Beyond W's Medicare expansions, we now have ObamaCare, which robbed Medicare. "Is your children learnin' ?" Apparently, Obama was not one of them, braying our way to bankruptcy.

As for "Poor Mitt", his primary opponents savaged him as much as the opposition for "making money". Something is very wrong with this picture. Making money should not be demonized. Individual citizens understand fully that making money, creating a profit, sometimes means that people have to lose their jobs, sometime leads to the downsizing of a company. To create more demands, to impose more mandates on job creators, to turn developers into devils will only dam our economic recovery and damn this nation into further economic stagnation.

Finally, to describe the last GOP convention like a "country club" ignores the increasing number of Black Republicans, GOP "Governors of Color", and the GOP Latinos who favor more outreach. The DNC convention looked more like the country club, including former President Bill Clinton, who has been accused of committing rape, not just talking about it.  The Democratic Party claims to carry about minorities. President Obama wants to grow the Hispanic vote, but the Democratic Party's stance on abortion and family and business development alienates the growing number of minorities (which are no longer minorities, in fact) who want to prosper. And no one ever heard Obama trumpet his record of deporting the largest number of illegal immigrants than the previous presidents, from Eisenhower to Bush II, combined.

As for the two failed Senate Candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, those two refused to ignore the "Jack-Ass in the Middle of the Room," the entitlement mentality which spends money that this country does not have today to spend on expenditures with debts and deficits for future generations.

 Not just their social views, but their insistence on real spending cuts offended voters. Akin was correct to refuse any further outlays from the federal government, and Mourdock championed bringing an end to "Washington bipartisanship": instead of spending $100 billion or $50 billion, Congress would compromise on deficit spending in the middle --- which is 100% more debt for us.


  1. Where were you when Bush was bankrupting the country AFTER inheriting the greatest surplus in history? PLEASE show me ALL the articles critical of Bush and the 6 solid years of GOP rule that you must have written...AND if you didn't, what does that say about your integrity?


      There's one good place to start.

      I have also criticized the Reagan legacy: