Friday, November 23, 2012

"A Line Too Long"

Editor Paul Silva shared that “a line too long” has been forming at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Redondo Beach. Many cannot make ends meet and have no food to eat. Why are so many people out of work? Why do so many people resorting to food pantries? What precipitated this crisis?
Following 9-11, an explosion in spending led to two wars in the Middle East, with unfunded entitlements impoverishing us with billion-dollar budget deficits. Big Government had protected this country from the foreign crises of radical Islam and Al-Qaeda terrorism, but it fueled a latent and growing domestic crisis here at home. Big Government pressured banks to offer home loans to sub-prime borrowers. The forced lending practices profited Big Business, whose foolish risks fueled the Housing Bubble, which burst in 2008, taking in its wake all the wealth based on debt, easy credit, and freely offered loans. Instead of absorbing their losses, “Too Big to Fail” institutions received charity from Big Government, paid by our tax dollars.
Our state legislature is repeating the same impoverished, ruinous policies. They refuse to tackle entitlements or ease the burdens on working families. Instead of cutting spending, they raising taxes on job creators, policies which frustrate economic recovery.
Silva hopes that an economic recovery in the future will diminish lines at St. Paul’s. When Big Government stops giving charity to Big Business and Big Labor, there will be more money in our pockets, more wealth for jobs, and fewer people seeking charity.

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