Saturday, November 17, 2012

Psychiatry: The Further Perversion of Progressivism

The human mind is an uncanny thing, yet the propensity to sin, the leaning towards evil, does not go away.

The broken limits of a human being, the pride of man who wants to make himself better, cannot overcome the sense of sin and failure that ravages him from within.

The Progressive movement claimed to invite man into greater freedom by opening his mind, by letting him do what he thought best, that he could invite more freedom into the lives of his fellows by offering all the choices made and ready for him.

The truth is, however, that this is a fallen world, and a limited one, at that. The notion that men and women can rise above their own failings runs against the manifest truth that their failings will never fail to fall away.

Mankind cannot create the reasons for its existence. His mind is a result of the input and values of many who come before him.

We are greater than our thinking, and this life is more than our being. Progressives refuse to acknowledge this crushing humility on the minds of man.

Psychiatry is a product of this worldview, that if we just get people to think the right way, then everything will improve. If we can get people to think about their past, to reveling in their hurt feelings, blame and shame the people who have so hurt them, or go out and engage in the same tepid impulses which tempt them, then they can be set free.

Man does not need more freedom to do the wrong things. He needs to be set free from himself, from his fallen life, in which he is dead in his trespasses. Looking not just at his feelings and his thoughts, he must grow up and recognize that who he is has much more to do with other forces, greater things, than just himself.

The malaise which leads men and women to seek counseling so often, to run to the psychiatrist, is that they focus too much on themselves. They define who they are, what they have, and what they do by how they feel, by what they think. The truth is not in us. The truth is  not just out there, but the Truth is in the Person of Jesus Christ.

Yet all of this wars against the frail yet proud humanity of man. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, men are tempted into thinking that their knowledge, their awareness, or their definition of right and wrong will better equip them to live and thrive, when in fact all of this knowledge puffs us up, then deflates us into nothing, and we are left worse off than when we started.

Psychiatry stokes the same empty flames of "self-awareness", which in truth causes us to sink deeper into the darkness of our empty, dead bodies.

We need life and that more abundantly, not more searching into ourselves. The false premise that there is no truth, that men and women choose these realities for themselves, only distracts him further from the death within himself and the life that he can only find in Himself.

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