Monday, November 12, 2012

On Allen's Comments about Obama "Down to the Wire"

Mr. Allen contends that a reelected President Obama will continue the "successful" policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Unemployment topped off at 25% during the Roosevelt years – and he wants President Obama to implement those “regressive” policies further? Someone seems to be betraying a“religious faith” in progressive policies.
Allen also suggests that President Obama is more suited for the “nuances” of governing. Romney was a centrist governor in liberal Massachusetts, balancing budgets without tax increases while working with a supermajority Democratic legislature. After ramming an unnecessary entitlement on this country, followed by a failed stimulus, Obama refused to lead on entitlement reform or spending cuts.
Allen further charges that our representatives are supposed to represent the “people” – and that is precisely what they have done. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wanted to make Obama a “one-term” President in order to repeal ObamaCare, a law which “the people” did not want. On another note, every member of Congress takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, not “the people”. Perhaps it’s time that Congress relinquished their terrible mismanagement of entitlements and return these programs and our money back to the states or to “the people”.
So, the election is over, and President Obama was reelected.Yet no matter what, I elect not to be discouraged. Romney wanted to rescind the sequestration of our military and revise our nation’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. I want out troops to come home. Romney was not “free market” enough, offering cut tax rates and eliminate loopholes, yet refused to specify which ones. Romney wanted immigrants to “self-deport”. Instead of attacking immigrants, our government must diminish the welfare state, a byproduct of “FDR’s successful policies”, and encourage legal immigration with streamlined naturalization. Then amnesty with real border control will function perfectly. To his credit, Obama offered waivers for“No Child Left Behind”, meaning more children will not be left behind in poor public education programs. Obama also deported more illegal immigrants combined than previous presidents, from Eisenhower to Bush II. Perhaps Obama Part II will be better than Romney, accomplishing reform with a redividedCongress.

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