Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feelings Mean Nothing -- the Love of God Keeps us in all our Ways

Revelation amazing!

I do not have to do something, do anything about my feelings.

We are called to reckon ourselves dead on the inside.

For so long in my life I was convinced that I had to adopt a set mood, set my feelings in order a certain way, had to maintain a certain line of thinking, maintain my emotions a certain way.

I cannot believe how selfish such a way of life can become.

It's not about getting happy, but letting his life flow through me by the power of His Holy Spirit.

I spent my life thinking that I had to feel a certain way in order to receive and rejoice in His love and His life.

The truth is that His love has nothing to do with how I feel. Love is not a feeling, not an action, but the Finished Work of Jesus Christ, which declares to me, to you, and to the entire world that all our sins are forever forgiven.

The deepest hug, the deepest love, that we can receive is the rest from all our dead works. We no longer strive to get anything, but we receive the gift of righteousness, and from this gift of righteousness, the grace of God, His lavish unmerited favor, then flows in our lives, and all good things that come from above flow into our lives.

I had been taught for so long that I had to get my feelings together, that any sentiment of resentment had to be crushed or removed right away, or else.

I have since learned that the impulse of the Spirit of God lives in every one of us.

My feelings merely respond to what I am thinking, and God invites us to rest in the Perfect Peace of His Son. Let His Words renew your mind to the Truth of who He is, and that you are now in Him.

In this manner, we walk in the Truth, and thus we prosper and enjoy good  health.

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