Friday, November 23, 2012

Response to Liberman Letter in the Santa Monica Daily Press

In his letter to the Santa Monica Daily Press just after Thanksgiving Day, Mr. Andy K. Liberman chose to blame the victim once again for the ongoing, never-ending Middle East crisis: Israel.

I am deeply troubled that an apparently intelligent reader would indict the state of Israel's defensive military efforts as a "genocide of the Palestinian people."

The terrorist group Hamas, the same organization which the residents of Gaza democratically elected to be their leadership, have to this day enshrined in their charter the eradication of the Jewish state. They want to push Israel into the sea, kill all the Jews, then impose Sharia law on the whole earth. Those elected Islamic radicals in Gaza are the true purveyors of "Genocide", a virulent, violent government policy which indicates a systematic extermination of an entire people. It is a travesty for anyone to bandy around the turn "genocide" when describing the unfortunate deaths of innocents caught in the crossfire between a liberal democracy that wishes to defend itself versus a terrorist thuggocracy which is willing to destroy itself in order to destroy the other country.

Contrary to Liberman's unkind assertion, the Jewish state has reached out time and again not just to say but also to offer "Shalom" to the hostile Arab states in the region. In 2005, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon foolishly gave Gaza to the Palestinians as a goodwill gesture of "Shalom". Today, the Israeli citizens gaze at a terrorist state with kiyusha missiles aimed at them every day. Over and over, the terrorist groups, the same organizations which the residents of Gaza elected, continue to demand nothing less than the eradication of the Jewish State.

"All this havoc" which Liberman disdains is indeed about Israel's self defense and security, for the Gaza terrorists have fired the first missile first every time, and they should be blamed for the "droves of children dying." It is appalling that anyone would indict the Jewish state as an instigators of genocide, especially since Israel and the growing aliyah of Jewish people to the region is a result of the most dramatic and unspeakable genocide in history: the Holocaust.

One can only cry at such moral ambivalence.

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