Monday, November 12, 2012

CA bad for GOP?

California "is not just a large state, population-wise, it's a trend-setting state," said Schmidt, a public relations strategist. "It could be a glimpse of the future."

Frankly, a political party which refuses to adapt to demographics deserves to whither away and die.

Every Republican in California needs to throw away any pictures of Pete Wilson still hanging in their dining room. Everyone California Republican needs to hearken back not to Reagan 1980 but Reagan 1966, the social moderate who tolerated a pro-choice position, who commanded a great deal of influence and respect with the Hispanic community. Twice I have visited the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, and I still recall the "Ya Basta!" poster, with "Mexicans for Reagan" on another button.

Republicans, conservatives do not have to change their message, they merely have to expand it to include every color. When will the GOP set up headquarters in Compton? The family impulse is so strong there, and they want real leadership in contrast to the election cycle merry-go-round of the same Democratic politicians who play off their color instead of respecting the culture of the individuals whom they are called to represent.

I refuse to be pessimistic, ultimately because my life is not going to be limited or dictated because of who sits in Sacramento or in the White House. Still, people who promote liberty instead of dependence, opportunity instead of importunity, real solutions instead of sailing on fears and worries, when are we going to see more of this in our politics?

No matter who sits in federal or state office, this country has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. No matter who enters into office, the debt is rising face, and someone has to deal with it.
Money does not grow on trees, and taxes will not raise revenue without also raising prices or inducing more people to leave the state.

A platform of "protect my interests" will not protect the interests of others. A candidate who spends more time talking about the consequences of rape and incest will not involve the greater number of people who want government to take care of business, and leave the rest to us.

CA does not have to be bad for the GOP, provided that more of them will ease off on the immigration issue and lead the way toward more opportunity and civility in our polity. As Charles Krauthammer mentioned, this country does not need two more liberal parties. Instead, we need a conservative party that will carry a better message.

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