Monday, November 19, 2012

Call for Compromise still too Compromising to Call

Compromise in Washington must stand on how much spending to cut, how much austerity to manifest, not whether to cut or not.

"Don't panic!" is good advice, and neither side should be making moves or cuts out of fear.

Every party has to fight from victory, a compromise which will assist the American people through the ongoing economic stagation and uphold the tenets of the Constitution, including enumerated powers.

The Democratic Party's progressive impulse has pushed for higher taxes on the wealthy and the diminution of the military. If the nation goes off the fiscal cliff, none of the staunch Democratic elements in the opposition would likely mind.

Senator Patty Murray of Washington State gave the impression that without revenue increases, she had no problem sitting back and letting the country go over the fiscal cliff.

Her stance on this issue is unacceptable. This budget chicken is just outrageous.

Republicans, let the military sequester go through. If Mick Mulvaney from red hot South Carolina supports that, then why not tap his Tea Party candor and round up support from other candidates?

Democrats, give up the dream of a entitlement state that even the most dependent, if such a person exists, would not support. Allow for more freedom for the states to administer entitlements, who can provide the same provision with less waste and fraud.

Compromise has to be about cutting spending in different ways, not in raising spending and taxes.

Gut all the corporate subsidies. Rich man's welfare is not in the best interests of the general walfare. Agribusiness can do just fine without sclerotic New Deal handouts, which are now nothing but a raw deal for this country.

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