Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pigs in Manhattan Beach -- Pigs in Sacramento

I have heard of Pigs in the Parlor, and pigs in a blanket, but a dead pig at the Manhattan Beach Republican headquarters is a sow of a different sort. The Beach Cities political climate should not be turned into a pig pen. Yet with a Democratic Supermajority, special interests now presume to pig out on the public trough, so it is no surprise that politics is getting dirty.

Democrat John Perez, now the head hog of the State Assembly, intimidated business associations and third-party lobbyists from donating to any Republican candidates throughout the state. I commend the Torrance Police Officers Association for supporting Craig Huey. Now every voter must keep their eyes open on their bacon, which the state legislature wants to start frying. Starting with state Senator Ted Lieu’s proposal to raise California’s car registration fees, for many of us our bacon is getting cooked.

The voters in this district and throughout the state have trimmed a lot of fat and meat from their budgets. Now the voters must prevent the state legislature from lording their landed majority, larded with interest group dollars, over the rest of us.

The Sacramento pigs at the trough are taking their turns churning out taxes and spending increases to gorge on. Lipstick on a pig is still a pig, and a clean sow will return to the mire. We must drive out the demons of big government which possess these swine. Cast them out before they drive California into an economic perdition.

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