Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DC Republicans are Toughening Up

The Republicans in the House of Representatives have every right to toughen their stance.

I am not surprised that moderate Republicans lost their seats. The fate of the Democratic Party remains undisclosed however, and that's a real problem, too. The  Democrats are also getting fiercer. For them to perpetuate the status quo of spend and spend some more is extreme folly, yet the media refuse to hold them accountable, presumably because they are just doing what they have often advocated, anyway.

The lower chamber takes the pulse for the entire country, and even though they lost seven seats, they still hold the majority, and therefore they must hold the line as long as they can against tax increases.

Close loopholes, end corporate welfare, and give on the military spending. All of that should keep the country from going off the fiscal cliff and getting the government back on the path to solvency and prosperity.

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