Monday, December 5, 2011

Who is the Toughest of them All?

Republicans and Illegal Immigration: a sticky subject, one which is threatening once again to split the party and derail the GOP Presidential nominee.

Pragmatism must reign supreme in the final policy.

The United States government simply cannot expel 11 million people.

Nor should this country enable illegal immigration by making it easier for people to enter this country which seeking naturalization.

Then what is to be done?

Ronald Reagan's buoyant optimism paved the way for 3 million illegals to become citizens. The number of undocumented citizens has tripled in the last 25 years.

This progression of illegal immigration is unsustainable.

Congressman Ron Paul has advocated the most meaningful and most humane solution: curtail the welfare state which attracts so many illegals to the United States in the first place.

A border fence from San Diego to Brownsville is a fool's errand. Fences already dot much of the southern border, yet have demonstrated little efficacy at keeping out illegals.

Public resources deserve to exhibit greater scrutiny in determining who receives services. Alabama has done the right thing by enforcing public schools to verify the status of enrolling students. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher proposed a more drastic policy move. He would direct hospitals to provide only minimal health care for illegals in emergency rooms. Other proposals to curb illegal immigration include preventing cities from establishing themselves as sanctuary cities. Also, police officers deserve to be empowered to verify the status of anyone stopped during a lawful investigation.

These measures are not draconian, but respectable. There is no demagoguery, there is not race-baiting, there is merely the enforcement of the rule of law, which every citizen of the United States, born and naturalized, is entitled to.

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