Monday, December 19, 2011

Response to "Protester Views Occupy LA"

I am appalled at Jeff Dietrich's blatant misuse of scripture to justify the unconscionable and unscrupulous Occupy Everywhere movement.

When Jesus told His disciples that "except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven," he was not advocating that they turn into a raucous rabble of hell-raisers who despised civil authorities, individual rights, and the proper political process for redress.

Rather than representing a spiritual awakening for "sheep without a shepherd", the Occupy Everywhere movement is the shameful culmination of a culture defined by entitlement and comfort that has conned our youth into demanding more from the state while giving less back to their own communities.

Unlike Dietrich, I do not find the message of the Occupy Everywhere movement "compelling". Words like "pathetic", "arrogant", and "destructive" come to mind, like the machinations of the uptight uber-religious Pharisees who harassed Jesus Christ and his disciples. Yet unlike their fanatical predecessors, the Occupy Everywhere protesters worship the state, the welfare check, and the public handout, all at taxpayer expense.

I am sure the residents of Downtown Los Angeles and every other major metropolitan region would agree that Occupy Everywhere has long overstayed its unwelcome presence, however "childlike". From adult activities like drug use, to rampant criminality, to pollution in the public domain, Occupy Everywhere has become an eyesore perpetuated by adolescents masquerading as adults, who still demand to be cared for from cradle to grave.

Indeed, these Occupy protesters are like children, but not the kind that can continue the call of civilization, which demands that individuals channel their frustration into proper demonstrations and political activity. They must also respect the rights of others to disagree and carry on living their own lives. Most of all, individuals of a civilized society must allow, not thwart or frustrate, the marketplace and the public square, both of which foster the civic-mindedness that we all deserve, both young and old.

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