Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bring Your Vote to the Bar

President Barack Obama is poison -- unfit for consumption. He never should have been brought to the bar, but people went for the kool-aid, and like the fooled faithful of Hale Bob, the adherents are heard from no more.

Mitt Romney is lukewarm whiskey -- a tolerable necessity to some, yet sickening to the stomach of most, and most likely to spewed out before being imbibed by any.

Newt Gringrich is strong gin, all right, but mixed with dirt. He packs a punch, but he has sold out on so many issues, that he leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many

Michele Bachmann is a virgin daiquiri. She is outspoken but lacks the panache to carry people away.

Jon Huntsman is water: he has some good ideas, but there is nothing special or scintillating about him to appeal to the voters.

Rick Santorum is apple juice, just right for family fare, but grown-ups
want something fortifying, not just faithful.

Rick Perry is a watered down tequila - he gave a good jolt at the first sip, but he wore off on voters really fast.

Ron Paul is hot milk -- bland on the outside, necessary to the well-being of the country, and yet unappealing to many who want something that pleases their Big Government tastes.

People of the United States of America, we need milk, we need it now!

Vote for Ron Paul for United States President, 2012.

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