Monday, December 19, 2011

Bob Dole Endorses Mitt Romney

Alas, another reason not to vote for the Milquetoast Northeastern wannabe Conservative.

Another Establishment Republican, more well-known for his suggestive Pepsi commercials, has endorsed another Establishment GOP flip-flopped.

Conviction is out there, yet none of the GOP candidates have managed to convict the majority of voters.

What are we waiting for? The GOP wants to stop Obama, stop ObamaCare, and all the cares that the Obama Administration has created for the American Republic.

When will we stop trying to figure out the future of this presidential race? Everyone insists on trying to read the future, on trying to predict the demise of tomorrow before yesterday has been understood and today has been withstood once and for all.

The endorsement by the Pineapple is not going to ingratiate the candidate who keeps trying to fit like a glove for every hand, which is precisely the reason why only a fluctuating minority of GOP voters are interested in the Massachusetts technocrat.

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