Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The (Artificially) Prolonged Saga of the GOP Nomination

Sunday talking heads interviewed Senator Rick Santorum two weeks ago about his slim prospects of picking up the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination. has declared that Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has broken the 5% ceiling. And for this also-ran candidate, this statistic suggests that there is still some kick in his candidacy.

Candidly, however, the piddling "front runner" Mitt Romney, surging Newt Gingrich, and momentum gaining Ron Paul are the three candidates who command the most respect from pundits and prognosticators.

Romney is an establishment candidate, great on paper, lacking charisma, not must spirit, fails to wow the GOP electorate.

Gingrich is fiery, feisty, and in many cases foolish and fickle, a Washington Insider who has spent as much time make time, money, and love for himself at the expense of his many open and official commitments -- both personal and professional.

Congressman Ron Paul has a strong and active core of dedicated supporters. Not only turning on their consistency, they turn on a commitment to limited, constitutional government. While other candidates have gather immediate support which has subsequently whithered in the wake of stronger candidates entering the race or following terrible gaffes in the public spotlight, Ron Paul has quietly surged into the attention of voters weary of the same old political hack and peck.

The media continues to dress up single-digits wonders as potential contenders, yet Congressman Paul is one of the most persuasive, progressive, and massive candidates to build up momentum in a presidential campaign in many years.

The Mainstream Media would better direct its resources by paying closer attention to the following of the Texas Congressman, which may follow him all the way to the White House next November.

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